What To Expect From A (High Quality) SEO Consultant

If you are like many other small business owners, getting help via outsources services is a necessity. There just isn’t enough hours of the day to do everything yourself, and your time is often better spent elsewhere – making sales, for example, as opposed to getting sucked into long-winded admin tasks.

And for many business owners like you, things like search engine optimisation – or SEO – are precisely that: time consuming, difficult, and a task that pulls you away from the juicy stuff. The likelihood is that you will look to outsource your SEO, either by hiring a freelance consultant or a reputable company.

So, the question for today is – how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO? As everyone knows, there are plenty of snake oil salesmen out there who promise the earth but fail to deliver. It is imperative that you choose your SEO consultant very carefully, to ensure that you don’t get stung with a big bill, few results of merit, and a possible penalty from the likes of Google for your trouble. Here are a few hints and tips to ensure you don’t hire the wrong kind of SEO for your business.

Ask for methodology

If you want to have seriously good results for your website, you need to have a strategy to make it happen. And this strategy and methodology of how you will achieve your goals is vital – and it’s certainly something you want to hear from a  business before you hand over your hard earned cash. Of course, no SEO consultant is going to give you their best business secrets, but they should – at the very least – be able to providing you with a  rough plan of action that is legitimate.

Ask for past clients

Reviews, testimonials and case studies are a great way of finding out more about your potential partner – take a look at www.ldseosydney.com.au for some examples of what to expect. But don’t take the agency’s word for it, ask to speak to clients, too. Most reputable consultants will have a few past clients that will be happy to discuss their work, and this will help you identify whether or not you will be a good fit.

Ask about search engine updates

You will need to do a little work before hiring an SEO< as a knowledge of the basics will stand you in good stead. But one easy win is to keep on top of the changes that Google, Bing, and other search engines make on their services. A quick look over at www.wpbutler.com.au reveals these updates occur a lot more than you might think, and every major algorithm change could lead to serious damage to your site. At the very least, you will want to hear your consultant talk about these changes and hear about how they have helped others overcome the damage. Ultimately, you need a consultant that understands Google and Bing’s best practices, or you could end up regretting hiring them.

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