Are They Always Right? Dealing With Problematic Customers

In any business, your customers should be your priority. They are the ones that will be paying you after all, so you don’t want to upset them. But if you find yourself in a difficult situation with a customer, you can’t just give in to them. You need to find a good balance, that keeps them happy, without damaging your own interests. Here are some of the difficult situations you might find yourself in with a customer, and how you should deal with them.

Customer Complaints

Some people just love to complain. In some cases, a customer might have a legitimate complaint, and you can work with them to resolve any issues. But sometimes, they will be stubborn and refuse to back down, even though they are in the wrong. So, what should you do?

The first thing you should do is let them get it all out. Be patient and listen to their problems. More often than not, they just want a chance to vent. Try to see things from their perspective because, although you might think they are in the wrong, telling them this will just make things worse.

If there is anything that you can do, do it immediately. Being told that they have to wait for a resolution, or speak to a different department, will just make them a lot angrier. However, make sure that your solution is the best for both of you. If they are in the wrong, you should still offer some resolution, but don’t damage your own business to do it.

One of the most important things to remember is to not blame the customer for whatever the problem is. That doesn’t mean you should admit responsibility. If your company has done everything right, then just apologize for the situation, but make it clear that you have not done anything that you shouldn’t have done.

Customers Refusing to Pay

This is a big problem, especially for new businesses that rely on that incoming cash to stay afloat. You’d be surprised at the excuses customers will come up with to avoid paying you on time, but for the most part, they should not be entertained.

You can avoid this problem by implementing automatic invoices, features from Dataserv will allow you to take the money automatically, leaving the customer with no option but to pay. Make it clear to the customer that the invoice will be taken on a certain date, and give them plenty of notice. That way, they cannot claim that they didn’t have enough time to arrange for the money to be there.

It is also important that when you first agree on a price, you set out clearly exactly what work you will do for them, and how much it will cost. If you are not thorough, you might find customers asking you to do more work for the same price, or trying to pay you less than was originally agreed. If there is any dispute, then give the customer a finite date, after which you will take legal action if they still haven’t paid. This should only be a last resort, but if it does get to this point, you need to follow through with it, otherwise they will continue to take liberties. If you experience this problem multiple times with the same customer, do not work with them again.

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