Protecting Your Business From Emergencies

Listen here and listen well – if your business is everything to you, you need to ensure that it is protected. Especially when we live in a day and age where there are countless threats to the safety and security of your business.

How do you do it though? You’ve got a business to run! Well, be proactive and hire someone to provide you with an initial site inspection report to alert you to issues. These issues can be fixed by you or a professional to ensure that in the first instance, you are keeping your business site well maintained.

That’s just half the battle though. There are plenty of emergencies that can catch us all by surprise.

Firstly, to prevent the most prominent emergency of all – theft – ensure that the property is locked down when it is vacant. If the site isn’t locked, then you’re only tempting fate and if a criminal does test the door (hint: they do this often!), they will find that not only can they get in – they can get in without leaving a trace!

No matter the type of business that you run, you’ll always have people looking to take what you own – from leftover construction supplies, to cash and the latest computers. There is always something of value on your site that will tempt a criminal. Keep it locked down to avoid a break in at the first instance. Of course, this doesn’t protect your site at all from a lockpicker, so you must ensure you beef up your security with both site alarms and cameras. While expensive, they will ensure that your property is protected and if a break-in does occur, you’ll have plenty of evidence to provide the police with.

Physical emergencies aren’t the only criminal emergencies that you will encounter. The 21st century has a unique threat in cyber-crime. Hackers and cyber criminals will try to steal business data (not necessarily financial information) to sell on to third party advertisers and other dodgy organizations. Ensure your work computers, servers (especially if your business has online elements) and files are protected with passwords, anti-virus software and encryption to ensure that sensitive information is protected. If you no longer need a certain file, erase it.

Of course, there are plenty of traditional emergencies and the most obvious of these is the threat of fire. Establish a fire warden in your business and plan fire safety drills well. Prepare for fires with alarms and plenty of extinguishers. Many buildings come equipped with sprinkler systems so ensure these are well maintained as you might not have pipes from galvanized steel and thus your sprinkler pipes might be corroded. Correct this. Fire is put on a pedestal for good reason as a fire can not only destroy a business, it can kill – in seconds. Ensure your business has the means and methods to either deal with fire, or ensure personal safety above all.

There are plenty more emergencies that can affect your business, but they can all be dealt with in two ways. By being proactive and preparing for emergencies, you are giving your staff and business the best chance of staying safe.

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