Niche, Grassroots Marketing Ideas That Get People Buzzing

What exactly is “grassroots” marketing? The chaps over at WordStream say that it’s all to do with purposefully targeting a niche group of people with the intent of getting them to spread your message themselves. In other words, it’s good old fashioned customer leveraging, with a marketing twist.

Grassroots marketing is powerful for many reasons. For starters, it usually works out as being a heck of a lot cheaper than traditional PPC marketing. But, unlike PPC, it also presents the opportunity to amplify existing social trends and actually give audiences what they want. Responsive brands are those that market in a way that directly provides value to their customers. Here are some examples.

Use Emotional Triggers

A great example of an emotional marketing campaign was recently provided by the budget airline company WestJet. As passengers were boarding a plane over the holiday season back to Toronto last year, the crew on the aircraft asked them what they’d like for Christmas. Thinking it was just a wish list, they wrote down what they wanted, not thinking any more of it.

Then, when they landed back home to their surprise many of the gifts that they had asked for on the wish list were waiting for them on the baggage carousel. Not only was it a great way for the company to target their niche market, but it also generated an intense emotional reaction on social media, with the video of the event attracting more than 33 million views.

Support A Good Cause

Another way businesses are looking to harness the emotions of their customers is through organizing events to raise money for good causes. Hosting an event is a great way to get local people to rally around charity or a good cause and get publicity for your business in the process. Visit here for more info. Events, however, need careful planning, especially when it comes to managing who is invited and who isn’t.

Use Ambient Adverts

Ambient ads are striking because they are deployed in unusual settings. Often they are so powerful they can stop people in their tracks and get them to do a double take. One powerful example of this is provided by the company Kwik-Fit. Recently, they’ve started putting large hamster models at their front of their workshops. These hamster models are enormous, about the size of an elephant, and are startling when you first see them. Hamsters don’t have much to do with servicing cars, but Kwik-Fit clearly feels that it is necessary to help them stand out from the competition.

The drawback of ambient advertising is the fact that it is so expensive. Giant hamster models don’t come cheap. Neither do elaborate paint jobs on buses or giant public sculptures. The proponents of ambient adverts, however, swear by them.

Capitalize On Trending Topics

When Ebola first began spreading rapidly in the US in 2015, people started panicking. Most medical organizations didn’t have a protocol in place and weren’t able to give out any advice. The Emergency Nurses Association, however, had been keeping a handle on the Ebola crisis and stepped in with answers just as people were panicking that they had the symptoms. As a result, the outfit gained immediate recognition among patients.

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