Set Up Your Small Business The Right Way

Working for a small business appeal to many people. The benefits of working in a small, dedicated, fast paced team; having direct access and real life conversations with your boss (rather than the act of emailing that you might find in big companies); and the opportunity to develop and promote the small business you work for – meaning you could get much more recognition for your job, and satisfaction in your role – means that small business can get inundated with CVs and questions of if there are any job opportunities available.

If you are the owner of a small business, it is your role to ensure everything runs smoothly, as it should, and that you are reaching or excelling your targets. It is also an important aspect of your role to learn about – and from – your employees, whether they are happy in their roles and if they would alter anything within the company, or within the job they have been employed to do.

Inexperienced small business owners sometimes decide to jump in at the deep end and launch their business without doing the essential maintenance within the company. This can sometimes be a dangerous decision and may experienced business owners could advise against doing this, and may give advice of doing background work before launching the company. If the infrastructure isn’t set up, then there is a chance that the business may be lacking its full potential. There are aspects such as a social media policy, sickness policies, leave, holidays, contract staging, an accident at work policy, a working hours policy – to name a few – which need to be thought about.


Setting up a business is all about preparation, and good preparation leads to an owner launching their business knowing that everything has been handled and completed before the first day of work. If this is not done properly, it could lead to embarrassing situations and this could lead to a company losing customers, lacking employee focus, quickly drawn up policies which may not work well, and, in severe situations, could even lead to court cases.

All business owners, at some point, experience unpleasant situations within their company which they did not foresee, or simply could not help. Therefore, the correct policies for a business are essential to the core fundamentals of keeping it running smoothly. A small business, which is run well, obviously has the capacity and potential to become a bigger company, over time. Every step of running your own business is a learning curve, some harsher than others.

It is also worth bearing in mind that your employees may be able to give guidance on some situations. For some business owners, they may not want to approach their own employees though, for obvious reasons. However, employees are hired for a purpose and it can be very beneficial to talk through ideas and different subjects in relation to the well being and presence of a business. Employees are at the core of what a business does, so let your employees help it progress further.

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