High Alert: Managing A Dangerous Workplace

Every business needs to come up with a plan to mitigate safety and health risks. However, some businesses require the management of workplaces that are much more dangerous than others. They might involve the use of heavy machinery, handling of hazardous materials or perhaps working in harsh weather conditions. In these cases, it’s even more important for business owners to be on top of workplace safety. The risks that are present go beyond the possibility of someone tripping over in the office. They could lead to serious injury or even death. So make sure your company is doing the following things to keep employees and others safe.

Ensure You Comply with the Law

The first thing any business needs to do is check that they are complying with the law. The law is designed to protect your employees and anyone else who might face risks from your business activity. Therefore, it is also designed to protect you as an employer. Following the letter of the law will ensure that you don’t get in trouble. Breaking the law could mean anything from a huge fine to jail time. You should check which regulations are relevant to all businesses and what applies specifically to your industry. It’s important to review your policies regularly and stay up to date with changes in the law too. Use osha.gov as your primary resource.


Establish Robust Warning and Contact Systems

In an emergency, one of the most important things is being able to contact the relevant people. You should have excellent contact with people on your worksite, and they should be able to alert you of anything that happens. During an emergency communication lines need to remain open to maximize safety and help people monitor the situation. At alertmedia.com, you can find an example of an emergency alert system that can be useful when something goes wrong. People should be able to maintain contact on mobile devices, whether it’s smartphones or radios.

Identify All Risks and Hazards

Every business needs to go through the process of identifying its own risks and hazards. Some risks are present in any workplace, but it’s important to recognize how they might exist and how to manage them individually. For example, every workplace needs to have a plan in the event of a fire. However, some will have a greater risk of fire, such as those that are using hazardous chemicals. It’s essential to perform risk assessments when anything changes to ensure that procedures are up to date.

Encourage Honesty from Employees

Dangerous workplaces can be kept safer if workers have accountability and are honest in their observations. You should encourage employees to report anything wrong, whether it’s a fault in a piece of equipment or a colleague behaving inappropriately. You don’t wish to have an attitude of secrecy and protecting each other when it comes to reporting things. Offering a confidential way to make reports can help with this.

If you run a particularly hazardous workplace, it’s even more important to manage any risks. A robust safety program is vital.

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