Don’t Doom Your Business With Mishandled Projects! Avoid These Mistakes


A business is often defined by its projects – so letting your projects fail is a pretty major mistake, to say the least. Here are some common and disastrous project management mistakes that you need to avoid.

No-one knows their role

It’s no good applying some vague label when it comes to a specific employees responsibilities and then just throwing miscellaneous tasks at them just because you believe they’ll be capable. If you want to ensure things go smoothly, then you need to make sure everyone’s role in the team and on the project is adequately and concisely defined. Otherwise, people become a bit unsure of what it is they need to have contributed by the end of the project.


The management aren’t up to the task

When companies look to hire project managers, they often go about it the wrong way. This problem certainly isn’t helped by the prevalence of mistakes that are found in a lot of job advertisements: a vague laundry list of essential yet basic skills. Companies look to hire team players with management experience that are results-driven and have a good track record! You’ve seen these phrases and buzzwords before, right? They’re vague. You should be looking at specific qualifications and results. You should also be willing to help managers improve. You can look at investing in project management professional training. Check out some PMP online training for your employees if you’re interested.

A lack of documentation

Having accessible documents that provide a good overview of the goals and tasks of the project is an essential feature of this pursuit. Employees across the site should be able to refer to these documents at any given time. It’s also essential that these documents are followed to the best of your ability. If diversions from the original schema had to be made, then ensure that the documents in question are kept updated.

Letting scope creep occur

The goal of your project should be crystal clear. If it isn’t, then your project is likely to be doomed. The most dangerous effect of unclear projects is something we call scope creep. It;s something that is alarmingly common across projects in all kinds of businesses. You begin to think of new ways to improve and expand upon features of a project. This may sound like a good thing on paper, but in practice you’re probably going to end up stretching your resources too thin. When the scope starts to creep into the unachievable, it can often be very hard to tell until it’s a week before deadline and it’s too late. Define the scope from the outset, and monitor it closely to ensure that scope is sneakily increasing to unrealistic levels.


Ignoring manageable components

A project is like a recipe – you need specific ingredients and specific steps, done one after the other, in manageable tiers. This is why you need to break your project down into manageable components. One of the best ways to do this is to make this breakdown visual. This is the main aim of many project management software and web-based solutions. Something like Trello can be remarkably good at handling this sort of task, turning it into an interactive process that can be handled by everyone on the team.

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