16 Ideas On How To Do Clever Content Marketing

When you sit down to write content to promote your website, products, or service, you come face to face with the harsh content marketing reality of what to produce next.

You might have already produced a good number of posts, but what about now. What does your audience want that you haven’t already put out there?

You can do what you were doing before. You can sit down and produce something from scratch. For that, you will have to dig deep inside your mind to come up with new content.

Imagine how many hours you will waste doing that though. If not that, what should you do then?

Re-purpose content using different mediums to create something entirely brand new. You are not limited to repurposing your content only, but you can repurpose existing content published by others on the internet.

As long as you repurpose content relevant to your audience, you should be good in terms of gaining visitors and potential customers to your site. With these clever content marketing ideas, you will never be stuck staring at the computer screen again:

1.    Publish Your Longer Work as Blog Posts

If you have written ebooks, white papers, and case studies in the past, take content from them to produce a blog, article, or newsletters. You can even post key information from them as status updates on your social media accounts.

2.    Rewrite a Post

Perhaps, a few years ago, you wrote a post that received several likes and shares, and you want to achieve that type of popularity again. You can take the same post, add new information to it, and publish it as new. Now, this might go on to become your second most popular post.

3.    Develop Transcriptions from other Mediums

You can create transcriptions from interviews, seminars, and old podcasts, and transform them into a series of articles and blogs. You can publish them each week so your audience has something to anticipate.

4.    Change the Medium

With so many different channels, reproducing content has become effortlessly simple. You can take the content from a video and write it as a blog. You can take content from a blog and produce an infographic. The possibilities are endless; use them to your benefit.

5.    Create “How to” Videos

In order to tap a different market, you need to convey information to your audience with “how to” videos. You can create a podcast for people that prefer their daily dose of information by watching or hearing it.

6.    Produce a List Post

You can change the themes of your posts by writing content from your old blogs in a completely different manner. You can take content from each of your blog post (a point you find important to convey) and list them in a new post. Additionally, a dos and don’ts post is also a way to spice up your posts.

7.    Create a Series Out of Your Most Popular Posts

Google Analytics will come in handy at this time. You can use it to find out which of your posts garnered the most comments, likes, shares, etc.

You can create a separate section on your site, labeling it, “Must Read Posts” and place them there for easy access and views.

8.    Update Posts

The posts you have written may not be relevant to your audience if changes in the subject matter of the post have occurred recently. Hence, you will need to update your posts accordingly, adding new information from a current point of view.

You can even announce it on your site to let people know that you have amended the post, keeping the latest changes in the industry or your field in mind.

9.    Draw Attention to Popular Posts

If the post is gaining many views, you can put them under the section of “Most Popular” on your website.

10.  Create a Webinar

If you have any old and forgotten posts lying around, it is time to remember them, bringing them back into the public eye. You can reuse the material in the blog posts to create an online web series or webinar.

11.   Read and Use Comments

Posts with the most comments and likes signals that it is time to release a sequel. The script to the sequel will lie within the reader’s comments. In a new post, you can address their complaints and questions. In addition, they might just give you a new idea for a brand new post.

12.  Create Themed Posts

Gift your readers a themed ebook, filled with relevant information. For instance, an ebook on how to increase customer engagement will contain information pertaining to that topic only.

13.  Create a Post using Expert Opinion

Experts have inside information about the industry they are catering to and you can use their expert opinion to create posts. You can build your post around what they have to say and link it back to them.

14. Use Throwback Thursday to Get Old Posts back in the Spotlight

Throwback Thursday is social media’s gift to you. It gives marketers and bloggers the opportunity to republish their old posts with the hashtag “TBT.” You can link the status update or Tweet to the post, telling your followers the reason why this was one of your audience’s favorite posts.

15. Use Pictures to Create Blogs for Social Media Sites

If you have something new in the works, you can use pictures from your old posts that are relevant to the new topic to create a teaser of sorts of what is yet to come.

16. Come up with New Style of Writing

Write a blog post highlighting the most important points of an old post. You can come up with a new and interesting way to present those points such as “The Revelation Of…”

Out with the old and in with the new, but not in that order. Stick with the old and repurpose it as new. These ideas are the trick to getting your creative juices flowing.

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