Successful Businesses Keep Their Customers Happy. Find Out How

Successful companies keep their customers happy so they come back time and time again. There are various ways of doing this, and if you follow suit you can keep your profits up and even find some new customers or perhaps an additional source of income.

Use Online Suggestion Boxes

If the customer is buying something online, after they have paid, it is certainly placing an optional box for feedback. From this you can learn some key information. They may tell you what they didn’t like about the website or services provided, anything that can annoy the customer could potentially lose a sale. You can then improve on this. They may also tell you about products they would have liked to buy, or whether certain products were more expensive than other places. It’s all information you can use to better your business.

Try Streamline Analytics

Streaming Analytics allows companies to gain insight into what customers are buying or not buying, their preferences and dislikes. This gives companies the ability to generate additional profit and retain existing customers. It allows companies to respond rapidly to customer needs and drive up revenues through up-selling and cross-selling of goods and services. By using complex event processing you can change your business model to suit the need of the customers. It can monitor online activity extremely well and give you the edge in future decision making.


Customer Listening Groups

Check your customer lists, find a diverse range of ages and invite them into your office or store. Incentivise it by giving them all a gift voucher. You can ask key questions to find out what annoys them, what they like and what they hate. By finding out their opinion you’re finding out the wider public’s opinion, and changing it can draw far more customers. However, don’t tell them you’ll act on anything they say, you don’t want to promise anything only for you not to do it. They’ll lose trust in you. Customer listening sessions can be extremely beneficial to all business types.

Offer Ongoing Support

Once the customer has purchased from you, it’s all too easy to wash your hands of them. But by sending a follow up email to check they’re happy or to offer further support can go a long way. These additional touches are what sets you apart from your competitors. If the customer isn’t happy with the product there should be an easy way to get a refund, don’t make it hard or they won’t purchase from you again.

Tell Them When You’re Changing

If you’re changing your premises or website, then you should inform your customers. Not only is it decent, but it can also stop a loss of sales, because they’ll know where to find you. You can email them if you have the information at hand, but word of mouth helps a lot, and putting up some posters won’t hurt anyone. Keeping your customers in the loop shows you care. You can also try handing coupons out prior to moving, this more than most will ensure they find your new website or premises.

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