Keeping Your Business Safe In The Digital Age

It doesn’t matter if your business doesn’t have a physical presence, it can still be a valuable target to criminals.


Thieves, criminals, overseas hackers and terrorists use the internet as a tool to commit cyber-crime. The threat of cyber-crime is incredibly dangerous and serious, but it’s also a growing industry for criminals. Intrusions into personal data and business servers are becoming more and more common as time goes on and these attacks are becoming very sophisticated, and dangerous, in their nature.

The joint impact of cyber-crime across the world is truly staggering and billions upon billions are spent repairing compromised systems and infrastructures by criminals. That cost is more than ignorance is worth, so it’s best to get clued up and keep your business, and your employees safe from the dangers of cyber-crime.

The list of sub-crimes that come under the bracket of cyber-crime isn’t nice to read. From hate crime, to telemarketing and internet fraud all the way to credit card and financial, and identity theft – it’s a huge risk to leave your business out in the open to predators.

The cyber-crime industry has boomed since 2007, when 45.6 million credit card numbers were stolen from TJX. Thankfully, cybercrime prevention has made the same strides in development since then and the man who came up with the plan to rob TJX is now in jail. That’s promising news for smaller businesses.

Credit cards aren’t really the major target anymore. What criminals will want is your data, and don’t get us wrong – they will still be after the financial details, but data is the current goldmine as the auctions for personal information are high, and the rewards for a data heist can be extremely valuable. That’s why protection and prevention are key.

Ensure your systems are clean from malware and viruses with solid software. Ensure this software is updated regularly and make sure you check for updates on a weekly basis. This is the first step.


In the event of a disaster such as a system outage there are many disaster recovery solutions so your business can bounce-back from the catastrophes that have been proven to occur, whatever the weather.

Ensure all your data is backed up and that all sensitive data is disposed of in a sensible and careful manner as this is the goal for many criminals. If you cannot dispose or safeguard this data, it shouldn’t be kept as this is an incredibly dangerous risk that will ruin your company’s reputation and put people in danger.

The key is to be proactive, educate your employees about the dangers of malware and ransomware, change passwords on a monthly basis, utilize two factor authentication and do your research. Educate yourself as often as you can, the internet is a fantastic resource for this.

As we’ve said already, cyber-crime is a growing industry, but so is the prevention industry and if you be careful and proactive about you and your business’s defense, you won’t be putting a foot wrong.

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