Get Physical: Why Traditional Marketing Is Still Important To Your Business

The world of business and the world, in general, has made some major shifts in recent years. None have been more obvious or significant that the move into the digital world. Almost everything about modern business has become increasingly digitized, and much of it is far better for it. One of the places where this change is most obvious has to be marketing. For a great many businesses, almost all of their marketing will have shifted to using online methods. Now, while a digital marketing strategy is, obviously, extremely important, the mistake a lot of small businesses make is assuming that it’s the only marketing strategy they need. But no matter how much businesses shift online, they shouldn’t neglect more traditional, physical marketing techniques. Here are just a few ways that traditional marketing can still work for you and your business.

Business cards


Ah, the humble business card. It might seem small and simple, but a business card is still one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal. For one thing, it’s simply one of the most personal methods of marketing your business. Handing over your business card is usually something that’s done following a conversation. It’s something that comes from making a genuine connection with someone, and it allows your business to stay in that person’s mind after the conversation has ended. Sure, you can send someone all of the same information online, but that’s an extremely impersonal way of doing it. Not only that but being able to hand someone a physical object then they are much more likely to remember and share it with people around them.

Branded objects

Much the like the business card, objects with your company‚Äôs brand and logo on them are a great way to stay in a customer’s mind. Branded stationery is a great option because it’s something that your customers will probably need to use fairly frequently, that way every time they do, they will be reminded of your company. You can also get even more creative with it. Why not use a service like Custom Plush Toys to turn your company’s mascot into an adorable stuffed toy? That way you provide your customers with something cute and memorable that they will be very likely to want to keep for themselves. Check out their website to see how works.

Direct mail

newsletterEmail marketing is a fantastic and important technique, but when it comes down to it, it’s also very easy to delete and ignore an email. This is especially true for older customers who might not be particularly interested in technology. Rather than focus entirely on email, why not use direct mail marketing as well? After all, a physical object is much harder to ignore than a digital one. Older customers have been known to respond very positively to direct mail. Their world is far more rooted in physical objects than younger people’s. That means that if you’re only using digital marketing then you potentially miss out of a large section of your customer base.

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