Are You Exploiting All Your Marketing Channels Successfully?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, or what kind of product you sell. There will always be more than one way to reach a customer. But few businesses are exploiting each and every channel available to them. There are many reasons for this. One is the sheer number of opportunities to reach customers. You may simply not have the people power to cover all your bases. Another reason may be that you didn’t realize you could reach your potential customers in so many different ways.

Social media platforms are enormous. They bring together millions of people from lots of different backgrounds with lots of different jobs. Among them are your potential customers. Right now you’re thinking about your FaceBook page and your Twitter feed. But there are dozens of other social media apps that are being used across the globe. And there are plenty of different ways to use them.


YouTube is perhaps one of the most important. For one thing, it could become a revenue stream for you. If your video or channel become very popular, you may be able to earn advertising income from your videos. That could cover the cost of production, making it worth exploring. As with most of the other social media platforms, you can add plenty of links back to your social media accounts and website.

Pictures are enormously important across all the social media platforms. Instagram is perhaps one of the biggest. Businesses that use this channel successfully can reach thousands of customers this way. Of course, the most liked pictures are the ones that bring more people to them. Companies like Vibbi could help you achieve more with this type of marketing. As we’re all using imagery all the time, it makes sense to use it for reaching more customers.

In the years before the internet, the traditional channels for advertising were print, TV, direct mail and radio. There is nothing wrong with continuing to exploit them for your business. However, some of these methods are now highly regulated. And they could prove to be too costly. You must ensure your return on investment is justified. Targeted campaigns could be more lucrative, but could also incur higher charges.


Are you a spokesperson for your industry? If not, why not? This is a great way to gain good PR. It encourages the press to turn to you for quotes and opinion on changes to your market or sector. To become a valued specialist in your area, you need to write. Get your blog going now if it’s not already up and running. The more you have to say about your products and industry, the more it might be quoted. It increases the visibility and value of your brand too.

Who is your biggest competitor? If you haven’t checked all their marketing activity lately, then you may be lagging behind. Whatever they’re doing, you need to be there too. Most importantly, you should be trying to exploit the channels they don’t have time for. Test your new campaigns and see which channels work for you.

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