5 Best Practices Sure To Make Your Exhibition Memorable For Your Customers

Did you know that in the UK, there are around 1.3 million business events held each year with over 85 million attendees? We attend conferences, congresses, exhibitions, incentive events and corporate events because they are helpful in many ways.

Some of the many benefits your customers may get from attending your event include such things as the opportunity to interact and network with students, teachers, and experts with their shared interests, the chance to learn new information, pick up tips from experts in their field, catch up on the latest developments in their industry, and some conferences even offer the advantage of helping attendees become more employable just by saying that they’ve been.


Whatever their reason, it’s clear that customers like to attend events and exhibitions.  So, it’s important to give them a memorable and useful experience when they do.  Statistics show that your trade show program needs to maximize your marketing finances.

  • Trade shows are resilient and B2B exhibitions make up 39.2% of the B2B marketing budgets.
  • 81% of those attending have buying authority.  That’s right, these attendees are also potential customers.
  • 78% of those in attendance will have travelled more than 400 miles to get there and that means you get a national audience at most exhibitions.
  • 99% of marketers believe that the trade show offers a value unavailable to them in other marketing venues. They appreciate seeing all of their prospects, meeting customers face-to-face, and the ability to meet with others in the business.

Knowing these stats is key to understanding the importance of why your show, exhibition, conference, or marketing medium needs to be top notch.  Putting together a great exhibition is an art form that takes years of trial and error to master, fortunately there are many companies, that specialise in creating exhibits tailored to your business’ needs.


Here are 5 best practices sure to make your exhibition memorable for your customer.

  1. Looking Great will attract new customers and reassure established ones.  This is a great opportunity to grow your business and get your name out to new business.  Make sure your booth or area is creative and functional but most importantly stands out. Find yourself exhibition stand builders who can provide you with a custom built stand that will represent your brand well to your customers.
  2.  Fun T-shirts grab attention and arouse curiosity.  Once you get people to see you, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity.  Attendees love freebies and competitions.  Find a way to engage them through the use of one of these tactics.
  3. Games & Prizes you will definitely want to find a way to use new technology.  Virtual Reality is a big deal right now, so try to find a way to use it that pulls the people over to your booth.  Use props like this to give your booth a gimmick by having your customers answer a trivia question and winning a prize if they answer correctly.  The right prop will pull people in and cause them to congregate, take selfies, and most importantly ask questions.
  4. Everybody likes to get something for free.  The Freebie serves 2 purposes: first, your customer will be excited to get a freebie, and second, if they don’t have the time to stay right then, your branded freebie will remind them about you long after they’ve gone.
  5. Feed Them and they will like you.  Even if you’re only offering a cookie or a cup of tea this will give you a chance to show off your personality, your product, and your great tastes in snacks.  Just a note: don’t buy off-brand because while going cheaper is tempting, people don’t always like the unfamiliar.

Whether you decide to use digital engagement, offer freebies, host a competition, show a short video, or provide entertainment, the key to winning over these customers will be your ability to make a personal connection that is memorable and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling about your company and product.

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