Increase Footfall & Drive More Sales: A Guide For New Retailers

Opened your first shop recently? If so, we can take a guess at a couple of things. First of all, you probably had a grand opening event. Your friends and family were there, along with a few local celebrities and dignitaries. It was jam-packed, everyone had a great time, and you were confident about the future.

But as soon as you open to the public, no one comes. What are you going to do? Well, in this guide we’re going to take a look at some simple but useful tips to increase footfall to your new store. And, with more people visiting your shop, it will give you the chance to drive more sales. Let’s get started right away.


The best customer service

Customer service is one thing – excellent customer service is another entirely. It is essential to give people the best experience possible if you want to return. Do so, and they will – perhaps even with friends. When you first open a store, your focus should be on building a loyal core of support. The only way to do that – whatever you sell – is by putting your customer at the heart of everything.

Offer promotions

If you can strike the right chord with your audience, promotions can work a treat. Try an ‘Introduce A Friend’ campaign and ask your customers to bring a companion with them, in-store. In return, you give them a discount. They win, and you double up your clients and potential sales. The standard ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or ‘3 For 2’ offers also work well if you have a lot of product to shift fast.


Is your store looking appealing to passers-by? You should have bright, clear signs that explain what you are within a couple of seconds. Your windows should entice people in with your best-selling products and key sellers. Stuck out of the way on a quiet street? Think about finding some cheap chalkboard signs and creating a pitch-perfect message. You can display them outside your store, or even further on down the road – if the council allows it.


In-store events

People love special occasions – which is why your store was so rammed on its opening night party. So consider putting on events in-store to encourage more footfall. Music stores can ask local bands to come and play a session. Bookstores can find a local author to come and sign their new work. Stick with local people and it will cost you less to run, and bring people through the door to boost your sales.

ATM machine

ATMs won’t work in every environment – but they are still worth a big mention. Having a cash point in your shop can be a massive driver for sales – but only if you are far away from the nearest bank. People are always willing to take out cash, and with the right placement, you can get them right into your store. Surround that machine with tempting offers and you can expect to make a few extra sales every day.

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