Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Business Documents


A lot has changed in the business world in recent times. But there’s certainly one thing that hasn’t changed at all. We’re still working heavily with documents, no matter what specific field we’re in. But a lot of us are making very unprofessional mistakes when it comes to creating and handling these things.

Let’s take a look at some common business document mistakes.

Printing documents unnecessarily

A few decades ago, people spoke excitedly of the “paperless office”. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite gotten to the stage where we never have to use paper in offices ever again. Despite all the interactive technology we have, people aren’t too eager to completely let go of paper. And, in most cases, this is very understandable. To be honest, we’re probably never going to free ourselves of paper in the modern office!


That doesn’t mean we need to print things off left, right, and center. It’s still better for us to do away with the need to print if we can. Let’s use PDF technology and mobile devices to our advantage and cut down on printing off documents we don’t really need to print off. If your employees need to see something, email them the document. Don’t print out a copy for each employee and hand them out.

Lacking in security and protection

A lot of businesses underestimate the need for security when it comes to business documents. Heck, a lot of businesses underestimate the importance of security full stop! But there are a lot of risks when it comes to these sorts of documents. In the wrong hands, these documents can end up revealing very sensitive company information.


You don’t only need to consider the physical security of the office or cybersecurity. What about protecting your documents from potential damage? If they’re on a computer, you need to ensure they’re backed up in case something happens to the computer. If they’re still in paper form, you need to keep them safe from water or fire damage. Paper documents can be converted to backed-up online documents with document conversion services.

Forgetting branding and signatures

Your company has a logo. Maybe it even has a slogan. These are extremely important parts of the branding of your business. I have no doubt that getting these things cost you a lot of time, money, or other resources. And isn’t branding a waste if you’re doing everything you can to spread brand awareness? This is why all of the documents you create and send out should feature your company’s logo.


You also need to remember to include a signature. This helps give the document a personalized feel. Even if you’re creating the document and sending it digitally, you should still include a signature on it. If you do need to print off several copies of a document that you need to send out, you have two options. You could sign each of those documents by hand. Or you could print off the document with the digital signature attached. If you’re only printing out a few, though, I’d suggest signing them manually once they’re printed.

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