What I Love About Traveling

I have been doing some extensive travel over the past few months and, as I like to do in many aspects of my personal and professional life, I want to focus on the good parts. Anyone who has traveled, at least as extensively as I have, will have travel-horror stories. I know that I have more than my fair share. But, life isn’t always fair, is it?

Meeting New People

I love meeting and talking to new people, hearing their stories, finding out what they do for work, hearing about how much fun their having on their vacations…just learning about new people. It helps me put my life into perspective at times, it helps me appreciate what I have (I already do, but it just helps a bit more), and it increases and enhances my view of the world.

Whether it’s a complete stranger that I meet and talk to for 10 minutes (sometimes even only 2 minutes), or it’s a team member that I’ve spoken with and am meeting in person for the first time, I do my best to make the best of the time I’m interacting with them. And I hope that I’m able to give a bit of light and positivity to those I meet as well.

Sometimes I even get to meet some amazing animals!

AZ 2
This is an amazing cat who knows he’s beautiful, loves to fly, and loves to be petted!

Architecture and Nature

I absolutely love seeing the architecture in different parts of the U.S., and hopefully world eventually. Every place I visit is so very unique in how they develop their cities or towns, the way the buildings look, placement of homes and buildings, bridges, beaches…everything is unique to that specific area. Sometimes I even get to experience weather that is the polar opposite from what I’m used to in Southern California.

The snow in Boston was beautiful!
Seattle 3
Sometimes you find an amazing work of art in the most unusual places ~ Seattle
Seattle 4
The view from the ground can be amazing, too ~ Seattle
Even the cacti in Arizona can take your breath away!

The View from the Sky

There are tons of things to absolutely hate about flying, but this is about being positive. So, in the light of being positive, I absolutely love the view from the airplane! Even when I end up flying to somewhere I absolutely wasn’t planning to, the view always ends up being absolutely amazing!

Boston 2
The view when you’re flying can be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen! ~ Flying into Boston
Even when you end up flying into a state you never thought you would, the view can be breathtaking! ~ New Mexico

New Foods

I thoroughly enjoy trying new foods, especially foods that are authentic to that area. When I travel I try to find new places to eat and to try new foods. Some people don’t like to try new things, but I absolutely do! I’ve had some amazing seafood in both Boston and San Francisco, to-die-for walnut pasteries in San Jose, authentic BBQ in Dallas, and amazing southern comfort food in Atlanta! I will, someday, eat at Wahlburgers in Boston!

San Jose
The most AMAZING walnut pasteries – walnuts wrapped in a delicious chocolate and covered in a sweet pastry! ~ San Jose

The Feeling of Accomplishment

When I travel for business, I (obviously) am going on the trip for a specific purpose with specific goals to accomplish. These goals don’t always get accomplished, though. Sometimes plans change to based on the needs in that market, unexpected weather, etc. However, in the end, I (at least so far) have left each of my business trips with an amazing sense of accomplishment. I always go back to a ton of work, but I know that the work I’m doing in the field is making a difference because of the feedback from those I work directly with, the sales numbers, and the traction of ideas and processes and coaching implemented while I’m in the field. It’s one of the best things about being in the field.

Sales and sales training is exceptionally rewarding when you see excited customers walk out with your product! ~ San Francisco

I try to find something really great in every trip I take and sometimes I’m lucky enough to experience all of the above in just one trip!

SF 2
Sometimes you can find the most beautiful views! ~ San Francisco
I love the ‘old’ look of the trolley’s in San Francisco!

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