Nurturing Your Staff In A Way That They Will Truly Appreciate

When it comes to nurturing your staff, no one thing allows you to tick this box. Instead, it is far more of a combination of many things. Each of these individually might seem quite small. A new coffee machine and a day off on their birthday isn’t enough by itself. But these things, along with a few others, can have a huge impact.

You don’t need to see the research and stats to understand why happy staff are so good for business. They will get to work early in the morning, leave late and be more committed when they are there. They will want to give back to the company that is giving to them. They will recommend job positions to their friends. When discussing your company with others, their words will be positive ones. And of course, clients and customers love businesses that look after their staff. It gives the impression that the business is being managed by good people, who deserve their customers.

So, how you can you nurture your staff? Even more importantly, how can you nurture them in a way they will appreciate?

Free food and drink

You might be surprised how far a salmon and cream cheese bagel and a cup of freshly brewed coffee can go. How about doing a free breakfast at your offices once a week? It gives staff something to look forward to, and allows for team socializing too. It can also work as a great incentive to get staff into the office on time at the end of the week. If you like to do weekly, company-wide meetings, how about having the free breakfast for the half an hour before this. It will set a positive tone for the meeting, and will increase the number of people attending also.

A clean environment

If there is one facet of office life that is important to every member of staff, it is a clean office. Even if they don’t realize it, a clean office wards of unpleasant illnesses and viruses. When it comes to cleaning your office or work environment, hire professionals. They will know the best methods, the best tools and the best chemicals for the job. Expecting staff to do it themselves simply isn’t realistic. However, do encourage them to supplement the professional cleaning of the office themselves. Provide desk cleaning fluid and cloths so they can do this. You could even send out a polite prompt via email once a week to keep it fresh in their minds.

Time off on their kids birthdays

This is an idea that many companies don’t think of. You may have a generous holiday scheme in place. You may even give staff a late start on their own birthdays. But do you have staff with children? Then how about giving them the morning off on their kid’s birthdays? This allows them precious time for breakfast with them and presents. It even gives them the opportunity to take them to school, or prepare for a party that evening.


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