Why Character Is So Important To Your Business


Should your business only care about the number of customers? Or should it care about the customers themselves? These are the questions you should be asking yourself as a business owner. The answer you choose will be a display of the character of your business.

And if you think the character of your business isn’t important, then you’re wrong. Here are the reasons why character is so important in business!

People will work with your based on your values

If your business character is focused on ethics and community, you can find yourself with more business! The fact is that a lot of people these days are being more careful about where they put their money. More companies are putting an effort in fighting things like animal testing and environmental damage. It’s not just because the business owners feel that’s the right thing to do. It’s also because those things are now more likely to give you a reputation and negatively affect sales! Running your business in a moral and ethical way is more important than ever.


It instantly sets you apart from the crowd

Very few people would say that they actually ‘like’ a company. Sure, they may enjoy some of their products. They may even follow them on Facebook or Twitter. But for the most part, consumers don’t really see a company as something that has a personality. They see businesses as cold, impersonal, faceless – devoid of character. As soon as you start to show your company as something funnier, warmer, and more caring than most? You stand out instantly from the crowd.

It helps determine how happy your employees are

Spinning from the last two points, your business character will affect the happiness of your employees. If your business is running things ethically and morally, then they’re going to feel a lot more comfortable working for you. Employees at Walmart are hardly comfortable working for such a corrupt company, after all! And the fact that your business is well-liked due to your character will also help your employees get a bit of an ego boost. Their friends will probably be pretty envious that they’re working for such a cool company! Remember: worker happiness is vital for productivity!


Character should affect everything about your business

The way you look to others should be affected by your business character. And I’m not just talking about the abstract way of ‘seeing’ something. I’m talking about the visuals of your company! Everything from your social media presence to the way your office is set out should be a mark of your personality. Your social media pages should be sharing jokes and promoting charitable causes. The right office fit out can take advantage of a fun business character by using openness and colourful design.


Setting an example

Of course, one of the best reasons that a strong sense of character is important to your business is this: you set an example. Other companies will want to follow in your footsteps, becoming less cold and more caring about the world around them. And wouldn’t the world be much better off with more businesses like that?

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