Three Compelling Stories You Can Blog Right Now

Bloggers are essentially storytellers, even if we don’t always see ourselves as such. Whether you’re running a niche business online or simply want to share the experiences of your day-to-day life with others, we all have some sort of story to tell. From overcoming hardships to taking the leaps of faith that led us to where we are today, a personal touch can separate your blog from the pack and grow a readership that’s eager to hear your story.

Blogging guru Neil Patel stresses the need to create blog topics that capture your persona. Many bloggers are afraid to let their personalities shine; after all, revealing the intimate details of our lives may make us feel vulnerable in the face of anonymous criticism and comments. However, having a unique voice and perspective allows you make connections and build relationships with readers. These relationships ultimately result in dedicated followings.

Regardless of your niche or blogging goals, consider giving your blog a personal touch through three topics unique to you.

How You Made Your First Dollar

In the world of entrepreneurship, we love to discover how a success story got from point A to point B. When we look at the humble beginnings of successful businesspeople, from Bill Gates sewings the seeds of Microsoft in his garage to Warren Buffett selling chewing gum as a young boy, we are able to relate to the experiences of billionaires whose wealth is difficult to comprehend.

Likewise, your readers are interested it how you got from point A to point B. Whether you stocked shelves at the grocery store or tore tickets at the dollar theater growing up, understanding the progression of one’s career is often a compelling and rarely typical tale. Such a story makes you more relatable to your audience and provides perspective on why you blog in the first place.


Your Biggest Setback

Most audiences today could use a daily dose of inspiration. From an increasingly cutthroat economy to the constant influx of negative headlines, readers today are accustomed to bad news. On a similar note, readers are able to empathize with hardship and tragedy as they encounter it rather regularly through the news.

In order to inspire your audience, consider a setback in your lifetime and how you managed to overcome it. Perhaps losing your 9-to-5 drove you to try your luck at online entrepreneurship, or a family illness forced you to relocate and start all over. Again, providing perspective to your readers is huge when it comes to building an audience. Let readers know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Someone Who Inspired You

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to bloggers. Perhaps your inspiration to write came from a teacher who nurtured your love of the craft. Maybe your parents encouraged you to find a creative outlet and, well, here you are.

Tales of inspiration remind your readers that you are a person just like them, in search of guidance in a realm where we often feel lost.

The path to blogging is never a particularly straightforward one: consider the experiences that got you started on the course of establishing your online presence and use them to build your own readership. In short, don’t be afraid to tell your story.

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