Hiring For Your Small Business? Where To Find The Perfect Staff


At some point, your small business will be ready to expand. And that could mean taking on more staff. If your company has just been you up until now, this could be a major change. Not just that, though, you might also find it difficult finding the right staff for your company. And the first obstacle to overcome is knowing where to find the perfect candidates. Here are some of the best places to start your search.

Use Software

There are lots of different computer software that have been developed to help recruit staff for companies. The software can do a variety of things. From posting job adverts to managing all the applications that you receive. Your software will post your adverts online, so that is one less thing to worry about. All you need to do is review each candidate and whittle them down to a shortlist for interviews. There are lots of different online recruitment software, so be sure to pick one that suits you.

Industry Specific Publications

Looking to hire waiting staff for your cafe or restaurant? Then the best place for your job advert could be a magazine that is distributed within the hospitality industry. Work in tech? Likewise, you should post a job advert in a publication that is widely read throughout all employees of the tech sector. This is a great way to reach people who already have plenty of experience in your business’s industry.


Social Media

There are now a number of social media platforms aimed at professionals, including the popular LinkedIn. Each member of LinkedIn has their whole employment history as part of their profile. So you can take a look at different people’s profiles before deciding who to target. You can also try to see if you have any suitable connections on Facebook or Twitter. One way that many modern businesses find applicants is by putting out adverts on their social media. So why not try Tweeting your advert or posting it to your company’s Facebook page?

Local Newspapers

Companies have been advertising in local newspapers for decades. Long before the internet was even thought of! It is one of the best ways to attract local applicants. And local applicants are much faster employ. After all, they won’t have to relocate to start the job; they can be ready pretty much straight away! It is usually a lot cheaper to take out an advert in a local newspaper as opposed to a national one.

Recruitment Fairs

Recruitment fairs are a great way to meet potential applicants face to face. Many towns and cities host regular ones. Book a stall at the next one nearest to you and take plenty of marketing materials with you. Not only is it a great way to find new employees, but you’ll also be getting your company’s name out there! So if you need to network, head to your local recruitment fair!

Hiring should never be too difficult if you stick to these handy recruitment tips!

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