Here’s How You Should Be Using Tech In Your Cafe Or Restaurant


You might think that IT and technology are reserved for offices and those working in modern industries. However, tech can really help your cafe or restaurant. All small business owners should be embracing new technologies, and that includes all you cafe and restaurant owners! Not sure how you can incorporate it into your business? Here are some useful ideas.

Take Card Payments

Many cafes and restaurants now accept credit card payments. This is great for customers who don’t want to walk around with a lot of cash on them. It’s also useful in case customers forget to withdraw any cash. But you can make card payments even easier for your customers if you get a portable credit card reader. Your waiters and waitresses can take this to your customer so that they can pay at their table. It’s perfect if you are very busy, as you won’t have people walking across your restaurant to a till all the time.

Portable Ordering System

Portable ordering systems are very beneficial to cafes and restaurants. Especially if they have just opened and are still training staff. The ordering systems mean you never need to write down orders on paper checks. There is nothing wrong with traditional paper checks, but they can easily go missing. If your waiting staff take orders on a modern system, it eliminates the risk of missing or incorrect orders.

Embrace Social Media

You will need to market your cafe or restaurant so that everyone knows about it. One of the best ways to do this in today’s tech-savvy world is to use social media. Create a Facebook or Twitter account for your business. Then share content with your followers and fans. Hopefully, a tweet or status will be shared by many different people, and your company will go viral! Another good idea is to run competitions on social media. This helps spread the word about your business and also attracts customers through your door.


Use Your Website

Your website isn’t just a way for your potential customers to see your contact details. You should also use it to show off all your delicious food to persuade browsers. Make sure all your menus are on your website. You should also mention if some of your food is dairy or gluten-free and meets other special dietary requirements. If you don’t mention this information, people who follow special diets might be put off from visiting you.

Table Management Apps

Does your restaurant or cafe get very busy at times? The best way to handle all your customers if to download a table management app. This allows you to manage your bookings and plan where everyone can sit. If you have any walk-ins, your waiting staff can quickly check the app to see if there are any free tables. It saves them walking through the restaurant to check!

So, you can see that technology can be a great way to keep your services in your cafe and restaurant very efficient. It will also prevent your waiting staff making too many mistakes!

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