Three Ways To Solve Common Employee Frustrations

The idea that work isn’t supposed to be enjoyable is a pervasive one. It’s also one that’s probably damaging your business.

A lot of business owners out there know that their employees are frustrated. You may have seen it yourself among your own employees. You notice the tired, bored faces as they come into work in the morning. You can see them sigh in the break room. You’ve observed them with that look in their eye that suggests they want to punch their computers.


When employees are frustrated, productivity and quality go down. So it’s important that you take steps to lessen general frustration in any way you can. Here are some tips you shouldn’t dismiss.

Don’t assume that the job is their life

A lot of employers make the mistake of assuming that the work an employee does is that employee’s number one priority. Of course the business is important to you; you built the place, and you need to pay the bills, after all. And it’s likely that you’re doing precisely the job you wanted to do, seeing as you created the job for yourself! But that feeling of import and loyalty doesn’t come to everyone inherently.


Of course, an employee should care about what it is they do. They should want to put as much as they can into their work. But don’t assume that they should want to live and breathe work. Many of your employees are probably aiming to work somewhere else in the long-term, perhaps on a very different career path. So don’t ask employees where they see themselves in five years time. Ask them where they want to be in the less distant future.

Fix those darn computer problems!

Every company seems to have them. Most offices require employees to be at a computer for pretty much the eight to nine hours of the work day. A lot of business owners don’t put much of a priority on making sure the computers run as smoothly as possible. As long as it gets the job done – eventually – everything is supposedly okay.


But this isn’t only costing you time, if the computers are running slow enough to affect your output speed. It also makes Consider getting an IT support service like Continuous Networks to help you out.

Be a kind, open, and engaging employer

Quite often the biggest problem that employees have with their job is their boss. They may absolutely adore what they do. But a bad boss could spoil the entire thing. In fact, several studies, year after year, show that bad bosses are the number one reason people quit their job.


Business owners tend to put a lot of focus into how their company treats customers. But you need to put focus into how you treat your employees, too. Make sure you’re treating them like human beings. If you run into them in the break area, ask them how they’re doing. Try to get a feel for any problems they may have, professional or personal. And if an employee isn’t meeting performance expectations, don’t go instantly for punishment. Those aforementioned personal problems could be coming into play again. You should always aim to help, not punish.

Of course, if you have to discipline someone, do it respectfully!

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