How Important Is Social Media?

In the nineties, social media was a way to communicate and pass the time, and not much else. With the launch and success of Facebook and various other platforms though, it’s now one of the most relevant forces in modern day marketing. If you’re putting together a digital marketing strategy, but you’re still a little confused about the importance of social media, here’s a post which should clear it up.


First of all, web traffic. I know, getting people merely to look at your website is a small part of turning a profit. However, if you have no traffic whatsoever, your business isn’t going to make a penny! When it comes to referrals and link building, social media is among the most powerful tools you can use. When your links are framed in the right way, you’ll also have customers who spend more time on your website than otherwise. Backlinks which are embedded in engaging blog posts are still a good thing, and you should be using them by all means. However, this and many other SEO conventions have become more intimately linked with social media. This brings me onto my next point.

With the chain of Google’s latest algorithm updates, more and more social network results are being integrated with SERPs. From Google to Ask Jeeves, pages from social networks are showing up more and more. Pretty soon, any business owner who goes on ignoring the relationship between social media and SEO is going to see their venture collapse. Even the networks themselves are becoming more and more like search engines. Twitter’s on-site search engine is now in real-time, and Facebook has introduced a graph search. As you go along with your marketing strategy, you need to be thinking about how one affects the other. If you put all of your effort into boosting your SEO value, without putting the same work into your social platforms, you’re going to end up compromising the outcome of your marketing in general.

Social Media

Finally, the changing standards of customer engagement. Being open and communicating with your customer base has always been an important part of marketing. However, now that social media has become such a formidable force, you need to start adjusting your standards. If a customer runs into problems with one of your products or services, they’ll be able to tell you all about it in a matter of seconds. If they do this through a post on your Facebook wall or a tweet, everyone will see it. If you ignore or brush off such things, then your target market will think that you don’t care about them. They’ll probably be right as well! However, if you respond to the qualm straight away, and engage with the customer in an open and helpful way, it will do a lot for your brand image. Always have someone looking out for these hiccups!

Hopefully, these points have explained the importance of social media within your marketing strategy. Social media is only becoming a larger and larger force in modern business, so keep up!

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