Common Causes Of Fire In The Office And How They Can Be Prevented

Fires are becoming increasingly common in workplaces. Entire buildings are getting burnt to the ground as a result of negligence that could easily be avoided had people been more careful in their actions.

Common Causes of fires in the workplace

Faulty electrical equipment

Old and damaged electrical equipment is like a time bomb waiting to explode. If unattended to, the risk of a fire arising is only going to increase as if a spark was to catch onto office materials a fire could easily begin to spread.

To avoid this from happening, there should be regular inspections of wires and equipment and if a problem is found, it should either be replaced immediately or an electrician should be brought in to deal with it. Employees should not try to mess around with any wires themselves as they could do more damage or receive an electric shock from any exposed wires.


Irresponsible behavior

Irresponsible behavior from employees can range from keeping liquids around electrical to leaving equipment on overnight which could easily overheat.

By making employees aware of the harm their actions could cause and putting rules into place for them all to follow, a much safer work environment will be the result and detrimental accidents can be avoided.

Lack of Fire Safety Equipment

If a fire does arise in the office and you don’t have a fire alarm installed, then it can easily delay the time it takes for everyone in the building to be made aware of the fire. As well as this, if you are not equipped with fire extinguishers (which you should be as it is a legal requirement in the UK), or if they are inoperable, then you’re putting everyone at risk as there is little way you can attempt to put the fire out and stop it from spreading.

It’s therefore vital that you look into installing the necessary fire alarms for your workplace as well as purchasing the required fire extinguishers, these can be provided by who sell a wide range of products to suit your needs.

Overloaded Extension Leads

Extension leads are a great product to use in the office as they allow you to hook up multiple plugs that are all positioned in the same space. However, overloading these with several appliances can easily lead to them overheating and causing a fire.

Fire Extinguisher

It can seem difficult to prevent a fire from arising from extension leads, as they are obviously essential to run all the necessary electrical equipment in the office. However, if an appliance is not in use the plug should be removed to avoid it being overloaded and only plugged back in when needed.

Taking these different causes into consideration, you should hopefully be able to make yourself more aware of some of the most common causes of fire in the office, and therefore become much more vigilant and hopefully realize how easily they can be prevented. Every office manager should ensure their fire extinguishers are inspected on a regular basis to guarantee compliance and effectiveness as well as taking regular checks of all electrical equipment.

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