6 Things You MUST Do Before A Business Client Visits Your Office

The phone call arrives. An important business client is going to visit your office in the next few days. They’re coming to see whether you can fit their needs when it comes to important services. This is your chance to make a lot of money and secure the long-term future of your company. It can’t be taken lightly. Before they arrive, think about the following ideas.


Extensive Cleaning

Get the vacuum cleaner out because it’s time to do an extensive clean of the entire place! You need to make sure that you’re making a great impression, and you can’t do that if the building is dirty. If you need to, outsource the task to professional cleaners. If you’re in a tough-to-reach location, pay for abseil window cleaning services. Don’t leave any stone unturned, because they’ll notice!

Brush Up On Important Info

You’re the one who is trying to sell to them, so you’ve got to be ready. If they turn up and you aren’t prepared, it isn’t going to create a good impression. Instead, you want to gather all the relevant information and provide them with documentation to read over. Remember; you might not know how long they’ll be with you. Giving them something to go away with is important.

Staff Only

Brief Your Employees

Sometimes, we allow our employees to get away with less-than-professional behavior. It might be that you allow them to wear casual dress or work in an alternate location. For this visit, however, everyone needs to be conveying a professional demeanor. Gather everyone together and inform them of what you need from them.

Know What You’re Going To Say

As well as having an overall plan in mind, you’ve got to be in a position where you know how to talk to them. If you aren’t a confident individual, you’re going to have to be for one day only! Put a rough draft in your mind of what you’re going to cover while they’re with you. You’ll be the one leading the conversation, so if you’ve got nothing to say, there will be a lot of awkward silences!


Create A Schedule

If you know how long they’re planning to stay, that’s a extra boost for you. It gives you a chance to start planning the day around their visit. If they’re going to be with you for at least half-a-day, you want to put a schedule together. Plan different activities within a rough time schedule, and don’t lose sight of it on the day. Their time is precious, so you’ve got to fit everything in within the allocated time period. Using a good schedule maker can help ensure all activities are planned out well. 

Remain Calm

I know how nerve racking these sorts of meetings can be! Your business might be relying on this deal in order to stay afloat, and that’s a scary prospect. Even if you’re shaking in your boots, you can’t afford to display this mentality to the client. Remain calm and focus on the task at hand. Don’t panic or be tempted to show desperation as it won’t come across in a positive way.

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