5 Tips And Technologies To Improve Workplace Collaboration


Even when collaboration is essential in the workplace, it can be challenging to cultivate it, particularly in today’s modern work environment. Today’s world centers more on autonomy in the workplace, in large part because of situations such as remote work environments, and technology that tends to replace the need for in-person communication and teamwork.

While these are growing scenarios in the workplace, there are still frequently times when collaboration is essential. The tips below show how collaboration can be fostered in the modern work world, and also how technology doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle to working together, but instead can be a useful tool.

Keep Your Team Focused on Specific Goals

If you’re struggling to promote collaboration in the workplace, yet your employees don’t have clear ideas of what exactly it is they’re supposed to be working together on or what their shared goals are, it can be difficult. Try to outline specific goals on a daily or weekly basis. This will help bring employees together so they can work toward a common goal and it also helps make certain collaboration time is as productive as possible. As part of this, consider the use of project management software such as Wrike or Freshdesk.

Share Securely

When you’re encouraging collaboration in the workplace, it’s important to make sure it’s being done with convenience as well as security in mind. Virtual data rooms and document sharing from Firmex and similar companies are a good way to encourage employees to work together and exchange information in a way that’s user-friendly and isn’t putting your business at risk for a cyber threat.

Utilize the Power of Video

Even workplaces where many of the employees are remote can become collaboration-friendly, particularly with the use of video chats and conferencing. Employers tend to underestimate the value of these tools when it comes to helping employees create the relationships that lead to strong collaboration. Great video conferencing platforms and software options include RingCentral, as well as Blackboard Collaborate, which offers web conferencing solutions, multi-point video, interactive whiteboards and more.

Consider a Corporate Social Network

Social media can be tricky for businesses because of the potential security threats it presents, but there’s no doubt it’s an excellent way to encourage people to work and share with one another, so why not think about a corporate social network? Corporate social networks provide an intuitive way for employees to connect with one another and build relationships, and it’s also a valuable way to encourage the sharing of knowledge and information. Enterprise social network software includes options like Yammer and Zyncro.

Allow for Alone Time As Well

What you want in your business isn’t collaboration just for the sake of saying it’s happening. Instead, you want collaboration that is truly productive and creates value. Part of that is also providing employees with the time they need to work independently, so in your quest to promote collaboration, don’t get so caught up that you’re actually derailing your own efforts.

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