5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Promote Your Small Business

You can never have enough promotion for your services. Spreading the word about your business and having more people become aware of the products or services you offer is an ongoing challenge for any small business owner. Whether you have been in the business for some years now or you are just starting up, there are proven strategies that will help your business with expanding the list of satisfied customers.

  1. Exhibit Your Company

Showcasing your brand to hundreds or even thousands of people in your target market can be a really effective way for business promotion. On the other hand, it may cost you a bit more, so careful preparation is required so you realize the best ROI (return on investment). People have to be attracted to your stand and kept there enough so they discover and absorb your brand and its message.

How to attract attention? Organize a giveaway or a competition. Food, drink, or branded gifts always work and will be well received.


  1. PR Campaign

Launching a PR campaign and getting press coverage is better than getting free advertising, all because the editorial is more likely to influence potential customers to check you out due to its credibility. Coming up with a newsworthy angle depends on whether you are targeting TV, radio, print, local or national media. Everyone knows the story of Henry Ford. Perhaps there is a great story behind your business beginnings, or maybe you have identified an intriguing sales trend or launched a unique product?

  1. Remarketing Campaigns

When it comes to boosting brand awareness, remarketing is a strategy that is used often, because it involves showing ads to visitors who visited your website, but left without purchasing (converting from a potential customer into a customer). The websites that your customers visit will soon be filled with remarketing ads, and they will start noticing your brand name and logo everywhere – while shopping online, on social media, and on their favorite blogs. This is a great way to boost your conversion rate, because it gives the impression to potential customers that your brand is much bigger and more successful than it really is.

  1. Promotional Products

People like free stuff. Giving away interesting, unique, creative and original promotional products is a fantastic way of saying “thank you” to your customers and reinforcing your brand. Hand out branded pens, mugs, nice branded shirts, calendars, and notebooks. By giving promotional tote bags, you can turn the recipients into walking billboards. Make sure your promotional products are quality and not the cheapest ones you could find, because it will create a negative effect by reflecting badly on your company.


  1. LinkedIn Publishing

A powerful way of getting your name known in the industry is guest posting. However, there are other methods to getting published and raising the awareness of your brand across the Internet. LinkedIn users are, since recently, able to publish posts right to LinkedIn with the publishing tool. If your content is valuable, interesting and engaging enough, it will end up in the home stream for other users. You can also publish content on your own website, blog, or other theme-related blogs, just make sure that you share and promote your content after publishing.


These are just some of the best and most affordable ways of promoting your business and raising your brand awareness. The key in almost every one of them is to understand your customer, use your imagination to create something unique. Thanks to social and mobile media, you can communicate quickly about your brand. Make smart moves and work towards establishing a strong reputation for your business.

John J. Stone is a business consultant and editor at Bizzmarkblog. He is a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.

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