How To Take Your Small Plumbing Business To The Next Level

Got a plumbing business? If so, this post is for you – but it also applies to any other skilled trade. It’s a long route to starting your own plumbing company. You have to get some experience working with another company first. Then, you have to go through rigorous training to get your qualifications. Then, you have to take the plunge and head out on your own.

The only trouble is, what happens if things aren’t quite going to plan? Or, if you are ticking along nicely, but want more out of your company?

There are various means and methods of taking things to the next level – and I’m going to take a look at some of your options today. Read on to find out more!


Find some funding

There will be a point when you need a boost to your finances to move on. You might need some extra money to hire new staff, or an apprentice, for example. Or, you might find you have so much work on that you need to open a workshop or storeroom to keep all your supplies. So, think about getting a loan, or investment from a private individual. Check your state’s small business grants, too, and make sure you have a strong business case to put forward.


Are there any plumbing jobs that you love doing? Perhaps you enjoy working on bigger projects, such as hotel building, or kitting out retail outlets? If so, try and put an effort into building better partnerships with the people that head up these projects. Once building firms find contractors they know to do an excellent job, they tend to use them all the time. It will help you grow, bring steady work through the door, and help you focus on your specialty.

Branch out

Another way to achieve growth is to think about a trade that fits nicely into what you do already. For plumbing, this might mean working even more with gas, or even looking into welding. Both of these examples will need you to do a little more training, of course. Get your qualifications, and always seek out info on new products and practices that can help boost your business offering. Let’s take the welding example again. These TechSouth saw guides could help you learn how to install different sanitary welding products to pipes. Get the right skills, and you can earn more from each single job by offering a combined plumbing and welding service.   

Get online

Still using the local paper to advertise your services? If so, why not add to your marketing plan by looking at setting up a website? Many tradespeople still refuse to set up an online home, as it can be too much hassle. But, it can give you a competitive edge – and it can be a cost-effective way of finding new customers. Today, the vast majority of people go online to find services, and if you aren’t there, they will just use someone else who is.

Hope this has helped! Don’t forget, these simple principles work with any trades business, so see how you can apply it to your company.

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