Winning Traits Of A B2B Salesperson

Often, setting up and running a B2B business is a lot tougher than a B2C model. When you’re selling a consumer product, the old “build it and they will come” saying really applies. However, as a B2B business owner, you have to convince other business people that your product is worth their investment. If this sounds daunting, then read on! Here are a few great character traits of a B2B salesperson.


The first important trait is understanding your target market’s issues. These days, the best B2B business owners and salespeople focus on the hole they’re going to fill. In the B2C arena, this could be as simple as your customer is hungry and wants a snack. Dealing with businesses is far more complicated. B2B operations thrive by taking care of other firms’ problems. When your prospect sees that you understand their issues, they’ll be much more inclined to agree to a sale. Failing that, you should understand your customer’s goals, and how you can help them get closer to them. Convince your customers that your product or service will be a huge benefit, and the rest will fall into place!


Another good trait to exhibit is being technologically advanced. Technology is a huge part of modern business. Your customers are going to know this better than anyone, so don’t neglect it! If you show your prospective customers that your firm is totally modernized, then it’ll make your sales pitch a lot stronger. It will help if you can apply this tip in conjunction with the first one. Let’s say you needed to share a lot of data between your company and your customer’s. Then, you might want to exhibit some integration software like the ones at . However, even if you can’t use technological means to solve a customer’s problem, showing it off can’t hurt. When another business owner sees how up-to-date you are, it’ll be very reassuring.


Finally, make sure you can craft a provocative sales pitch. The business owners you target have probably heard hundreds of bland, slow sales pitches. If you want yours to be a success, you’ll need to add something which will make it stand out. The most effective salespeople in the modern B2B arena now need to get across a provocative point of view. By this, I mean you should be stimulating your prospective customers into thinking of their business in a totally different way. Always get your target customer to see their challenges and goals differently. This will draw attention to your firm, build trust, and give you a better shot at securing that sale. Pull it off perfectly, and you might even influence their whole decision-making process. Visit for a helpful feature on this.

Make sure you and your sales reps adopt and kindle these qualities. Obviously, there’s no miracle formula for a successful pitch. However, tweaking one or two things about the way you present your business can go a long way. Convincing a business owner is tough, but nowhere near impossible!

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