Improve The SEO Of Your Site With These Insane Tips

Recently, I posted a piece on three things your business website needs to be successful. If you read it, then you’ll know that one of those things was SEO. A website with good SEO is one that gets lots of traffic on a regular basis. Of course, gaining SEO can be a difficult process; it’s not something that happens overnight. When you first create your website, it will not be optimized for search engines. If people were to search for the exact name of your site, they probably wouldn’t find your website as the top result. What you need to do is gather lots of different techniques together and work on improving your search ranking. You need to do whatever you can to get into those top two or three places.

So, how can you do this? What are the best techniques to improve a website’s SEO? To help you out with this, I have a few things jotted down that you should pay attention to. Have a read of the advice below, and it will tell you all you need to know:


Link Building

Link building is one of the best ways for you to improve SEO and increase traffic to your site. As the name suggests, everything revolves around links. The aim is to get a link to your website, or a page of your site, in as many places as possible. Sounds easy, right? Well, on the face of it, yes, it is easy. However, there are a few obstacles in your way that prevent you from doing certain things. For example, you may think that the easy way out is to post links in comment section all across the internet. But, Google can detect when websites are spamming links everywhere. So, it can punish you for doing this and give you a poor search ranking.

The best way for you to build links is through blogging. Try and get bloggers to link to your website in their content. This way, you get a load of natural backlinks to your site, and it will boost your SEO by quite some bit. There are things like the Gotch guest posting service that might be able to assist you here too. Some companies will find loads of blogs and then post guest content for them that include a link to your website. Naturally, there’s nothing stopping you from going out and doing this yourself. If you want to contact a load of bloggers that are willing to let you guest post, then go ahead. No matter if you do it this way, or use a guest posting service, both will make positive impacts on your SEO.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC is a phenomenal way to give your search ranking a huge boost. If done correctly, you could end up being one of the first websites people see when they search for something. PPC is a method of search engine advertising. The focus is all on keywords. You bid on certain keywords, and if you win, your website will be displayed in the sponsored search results. These results are always found at the top of search results. They appear before the ‘natural’ results, so they’re the first thing people see when they search for things. And, each time someone clicks on your website, in the sponsored search results, you have to pay the keyword price.

You can bid on keywords using services like Google Adwords. There are other services available; this is just the most common one people use for Google search results.

I know what you’re thinking, how much does PPC cost? Truth be told, that depends on the keyword you’re bidding for. Popular ones will end up with a higher price than ones that are more niche.

social media

Social Media

The final tip I have for you is to utilize social media to improve your SEO. It’s a simple concept; you use social media to try and drive more traffic to your site. My top tip for this is to make sure you’re creating content that grabs people’s attention on your social media accounts. This will get people following you, and the more people that follow you, the more likely they’ll go to your website.

Another social media tip I have is to make sure you’re using more than one website. Don’t put all of your efforts on Twitter or Facebook. Instead, use both, and Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The more you use, the greater the effects.

And on that note, we’ve come to the end of my advice! Follow all the things I’ve told you to do and your website SEO will improve massively.

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