Essential Steps To Take To Improve The Security Of Your Start-Up’s Mail

More than 500,000 letters a week can go missing in the mail. Some of these letters could include vital business documents, like invoices or even checks. It can result in an unhappy customer, a financial loss, or worse, a loss of respect for you as a company.

As a business owner, and a start-up in particular, every penny will be vital. Every document and every bit of stationery is vital. So when you’re sending out dozens of letters and correspondences a week, you have to be sure that they’re secure to reduce the risk of loss or damage.

So, to help you out, here are some essential steps to take to improve the security of your mail, and subsequently, your business as a whole. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re untouchable! Data loss and theft can happen to the best of us.

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Step 1: Invest in envelopes with tinted windows

The window section of the envelope is the area that you can see through to read the address. Sometimes, inadvertently, this window can reveal important information to anyone who looks through it.

So, investing in tinted windows removes this likelihood from the equation. Your letters and documents will be more heavily secured, and your data will be harder to spot should it enter the window’s area.

Step 2: Get your stationery branded, so it looks more official and is easy to identify

Not only does branded stationery improve brand awareness, it makes your letters easier to identify if they get lost or diverted. You could order some business envelopes with your logo stamped on them, which brings with it both these benefits in one go. If your letter falls by the wayside and someone picks it up, they will see your logo and know where to go straightaway.

Step 3: Reinforce your parcels and envelopes

If your company sends out multiple packages and letters a week, then the risk of damage is high. It’s no secret that parcels go through a bumpy ride on the way to their recipient, and that means accidents happen. The contents of the package could be accidentally opened if the outside gets damaged, which could pose a threat to your company.

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Reinforced envelopes and parcels are useful for many reasons. One, they can protect any documents inside from being bent out of shape. If you have any mail you don’t want to be twisted, these envelopes can protect against that. Two, your parcel will be able to take more bumps and hits on its journey to the recipient. And, reinforced packaging makes it harder for strangers and thieves to get into the contents.

Step 4: Worry a lot less

Data loss and asset damage are concerns for any type of business, so you aren’t alone. That being said, it’s relatively simple to ensure our mail and packages arrive safely and on time. You won’t need a massive budget or an expert sales team. You’ll just need a dash of savvy. Best of luck with your future and current mail-outs!

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