Buying Local Is Better

I teach Small Business Entrepreneurship at my local junior college, I have been a small business owner, and I know many small business owners. Being a small business owner is financially challenging, emotionally draining, and can take a toll on an owner in every aspect of his or her life. Small business owners work harder than most employees in corporations to make their ideas work, to make their business work, make customers happy, and to become successful.

Some are serial entrepreneurs, and some are true small business owners who stick with the business with the hopes of building something that they love, that will sustain their family financially, and that they can pass on to their children.

Every time someone purchases from a big box store, overlooking the amazing quality and customer service they can receive in a small business setting, they are taking a little bit of that entrepreneur’s ability to provide for their family away and that money is taken out of the local community. Most small businesses can’t compete with the big box prices because they can’t purchase in bulk like the corporations can. But, what they can offer is:

  1. Personalization
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. Quality products
  4. Product diversity
  5. Local jobs
  6. Healthy competition
  7. Environmental stability

Please help us encourage and support our local small business during Small Business Week (May 1st – 7th, 2016). Brazzlebox, a free community built for small business owners, created this graphic to help support Small Business Week! Let’s keep our money and resources in our communities!

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