4 Reasons Trump Is Horrible For The U.S. And Small Businesses

Donald Trump has made many, many mistakes throughout his Presidential candidacy already. But, everyone makes mistakes, right? Not like he has.

Not only has he had to backtrack on some…okay, many, of the comments he’s made when asked about specific topics (abortion to name just one), but he’s also made some extremely terrible statements, including the threat he made to the state of Wisconsin! Trump threatened to sue the entire state of Wisconsin and continued on to say, “By the time my attorneys are through with you, I’m going to own your entire state, lock, stock, and barrel,” he said. “Not that I want to own it. Wisconsin is a freaking dump.” Seriously, Trump? Because you lost? Well, he did make a statement, which I believe is the only true statement that he’s made so far, ““I am a fabulous loser,” he said. “I am the biggest loser in this country.”

With that said, there are several reasons that Trump is horrible for small businesses.


As I stated earlier, he consistently trying to backtrack on his comments. Who’s to say he won’t backtrack on his promises he’s made during his running for President? He can’t seem to make up his mind on what he means or wants to say. How is he going to be an effective president and advocate for small businesses if he can’t even get what he wants to say right?


Women as Humans

“When asked point-blank whether he considered women humans, the billionaire responded, “It should be a case-by-case thing.”’ This is extremely disparaging because about 29% of women own businesses. If Trump doesn’t believe that women are human, how would he ever support women in small business?

Immigrants Banned

Immigrants or their children have started an estimated 40% of Fortune 500 businesses, including Apple’s very own Steve Jobs who was the son of a Syrian immigrant. Not only does Trump want to deport and ban all immigrants, but he also accused Mexico of sending criminals over the border. If he’s throwing out accusations this early on, and in such broad terms, who else will he accuse of what? Not to mention that he will undermine our ability to grow our country and bring in money to the U.S.

Outrageous Promises

By the sounds of the promises that he’s making, he obviously doesn’t realize that there are laws that he has to follow, there are processes that must be followed to get bills passed, and that there is a Constitution. If he can’t abide by the laws that are set forth for everyone, then how exactly can he run a country?

This Presidential campaign is worse than ever I’ve ever witnessed and that very well could be because Trump is actually running for President!

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