The Top Places To Advertise Your Brand Online For 2016

We all know that the Internet offers limitless choices when it comes to advertising. For newspaper and magazine owners, the Web has proven a tough competitor to beat. More advertisers are turning to the Internet for broader cost-effective marketing options. In fact, people often find that online advertising is considerably cheaper than printed media.

So, we know the benefits of advertising a brand online. But, which platforms should you use? After all; there are countless options available to you! Here is a list of the most common and popular ways to advertise online:


Google AdWords

Perhaps the best and easiest way to advertise almost anything online is by using AdWords. It’s a popular service from the world’s largest search engine.

Google AdWords lets you create ads in all kinds of formats. You can have a mixture of text, image and video ads. Banners and square ads are also available. Google’s ad service doesn’t just apply to its search engines. There’s a whole display network on third-party websites that publish AdSense ads. You can even advertise on YouTube if you wish!

If you’re new to Google AdWords, you could even get a free voucher to help you get started. It’s no wonder newspapers and magazines aren’t fans of the search giant!

Facebook Ads

Many of the suggested or promoted posts and content on Facebook are ads that brands pay for. The brilliant thing about the social network is you can target a specific audience. For example, you may wish to advertise to females in a certain age range. Or all people with a particular interest listed on their profiles.

You can also run various ads in one campaign to determine which one works the best. I recommend getting an advertising agency to set up your campaign for you. That way, you won’t waste money by doing the wrong things.

Bing Ads

Perhaps the second-most popular search engine on the planet is Bing. Owned by Microsoft, Bing is often used as a default search engine on many PCs and mobile devices. As with Google, they also have a partner network where your ads can get served.

Bing ads are cheaper than Google because they don’t have as big a market share. Still, it’s a platform that one should not avoid as part of their ad strategy.


Do you want to avoid Google AdWords and go for a more broader reach with your ads? If so, 7Search is one option to consider. They display ads on smaller niche search engines and partner sites.


You might not think it, but many owners of popular blogs are happy to allow advertising on their sites. After all; it’ll help to enrich the value of their content to their readers.

Perhaps the easiest way of advertising on a blog is to reach out to the site’s owners. Blogs often have a page detailing advertising options and a “media kit” you can download. The cost to advertise on such blogs can often be cheaper than with the other methods I’ve described so far.

Now that you’ve got a few suggestions, it’s time to get busy!

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