The Change That You Need To Make To Your Website This Year

Your website is probably your pride and joy, so you always need to be looking for new ways to improve it. Technologies and digital trends move fast, so a website that hasn’t been changed much for a couple of years is probably looking out of date by now. Here are some key changes you can make.


Add Video Content

Video content is all the rage at the moment. And if you haven’t realized what it can do for your website yet, then you’re lagging behind the times a little. It’s the perfect way to direct more traffic towards your website and engage with customers in an entirely new way. People love video content so much because it is so easy to consume, and there is no effort involved. That’s why an engaging and well-made video is always going to be more appealing to your visitors than a long piece of text. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon the written word thought. Just try to complement text with video content.

Make Structural Changes

The actual structure of your website is one of the most important things of all. If the structure of the website is wrong and faulty, then no amount of cosmetic changes to the website will help you. It’s no use having a website that looks great if it doesn’t do what your customers or visitors want it to. If you have a problem that is causing issues for visitors, it might be time to revisit the code that underpins your website’s structure. Only these kinds of changes can fix deep problems within the website. These problems are usually best left to the pros, such as Kashurba Web Design Group.

Think About Your Audience

Thinking about who makes up your audience can help you to choose the right changes for your website. As we live in a global world now, you need to think about where your website is most popular. It’s easy enough to see where your visits are coming from by using a basic analytics tool. If your website’s visitors are based in a foreign country, you should recognize this and make some relevant changes to the website. You could offer a parallel website or a translation tool on the website to make it even easier for people in specific countries to use your website. They will appreciate this a lot.


Limit Downtime

Downtime is when your website is no longer up and running. If you want your audience to grow and expand over time, you need to have your website up and running as much as possible. There’s nothing more annoying than visiting a website and realizing that it is not currently working. When someone does this and they find a broken website, they will probably not bother to come back again later. Once they have found a website that’s down, they will think that the website is no longer up and running, even if this is not necessarily true. So, think about changing your host to minimize any downtime.

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