How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Like A Pro


Businesses all over the world dedicate serious money purely to online marketing. Much of that spending goes into driving traffic straight to their website.

If the pros can do it for their websites, what’s to stop you doing it for yours? The process is actually just that; a process. Yes, you need to have some interesting content, and yes, it helps to have a website that’s beautifully presented. But the rest is about just following some simple marketing strategies.

Leverage Social Media

Why has food bloggers made it so big on the internet? It’s because they’ve tapped into social media. Major food companies have known for decades that the way to sell food is to show pictures of it. It’s all designed to get you salivating.

In the past, it was all through the television. But now bloggers can upload their food onto social media and have people click through, directly to their website.

Other businesses rely on keeping people updated. Perhaps you’re website specializes in analyzing the latest in video games. Use twitter to alert people to new content. Or include a tempting link to your website. If you’re not sure exactly what to do, you can always hire a digital marketing consultant.

Indulge In Click Bait

Have you heard of this expression? It might be why you decided to click on my article’s title. If you’re writing a blog for your website, don’t get bogged down in whether your title is academically kosher. Just bash out the catchiest thing you can think of.

People want to know “these five hacks for getting a promotion” or “why your marriage is on the rocks.” It’s about marketing your website and generating the largest number of clicks. Having a catchy title will draw people in, doing your high-quality content some justice.

Do Guest Blogs

Having your blogs on other more popular websites can help to direct traffic to your website. Make sure that the quality of your blogs is high, and make sure you link back to your own website in the blog itself. Google rankings depending on the number of web pages that link to the pages on your website, so do it like a pro, and make links all over the internet.

Start Email Marketing

Although it appears that the future of online marketing is in content, email marketing still has its place. Let people know what you’re doing. If you’re a new business this can be a great way to introduce people to your company. Just make sure that whatever email you do send is interesting, professional and beautiful. And that it links throughout to your website.


Get A Landing Page

If they click on the email link, you want the next step to be as simple as possible. This is where landing pages can be so helpful. If you’re writing a blog, selling a new product, or offering bespoke services, a landing page can send people in the right direction. Make sure whatever steps they need to take are obvious. If your blog targets vegetarians, have a big link to vegetarian recipes just for them.

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