How To Create The Ultimate Networking Event

Networking events are excellent ways to meet like-minded entrepreneurs in your area. They allow local business communities to meet each other. And, they offer the potential for new working opportunities.

Many people love going to networking events, especially those that are social animals! One way to get your brand “out there” is by setting up a networking event of your own. So, how do you go about creating a decent and memorable one? Here’s how to do it:


Make your networking event registration super simple

The first thing you need to do is make sure your event offers easy enrollment. People seldom have the time to fill in lengthy forms and questionnaires. The good news is you’ve got plenty of options on how to create a simple registration system.

One idea is to use a service like Eventbrite. You could, of course, do it the old-fashioned way and send postal registration forms. But, if you can offer registrations online and in a quick and simple format, do that instead!

Choose the right venue for your networking event

If you wish to create the ultimate networking event, you need to do what it takes to make it memorable. That way, you’ll be able to create successive events that will guarantee future participants! One way to make your networking event successful is by selecting the right venue.

A common option is to use a function room in a hotel or business complex. For extra points, you may want to select a venue that is a little quirky yet pleasant. Don’t cheap out on your choice of venue!

Hire the right people to make it run smoothly

People get hungry and thirsty at networking events. It’s important that you’ve got a decent spread for participants to eat and drink from. You will also need people available to serve food and drinks to each person. Let’s face it; you want to get out there and talk to people, not supply them glasses of wine!

I recommend hiring temporary staff from Hyperec. You should also talk to a local catering company to supply your food and drink.

Make the check-in process easy

When your participants arrive, you’ll need to have a check-in process in place. As soon as each person arrives, you’ll need to capture their name and email address details. That way, you can gauge how many people have attended your event. And you also have contact details for each participant.

Make sure you have plenty of pens and name tags available. Chances are some of your participants won’t have met other people at your event. Again, you should hire some temporary staff to deal with visitors as they arrive. Ensure they are both friendly and welcoming to each person.

Introduce people to each other

Your networking event isn’t just for your benefit. It’s beneficial to everyone that attends! Once you’ve introduced yourself to everyone, act like a “connector”. Introduce people that might gain useful opportunities from others.

For example, you could introduce a builder with the owner of a roofing company. Good luck setting up your networking event. By following the above tips, it’ll go off with a bang!

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