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The modern dream: starting a tech business in your bedroom that expands into a billion-dollar enterprise. The founders of Facebook and Google developed the future monoliths in dorm rooms and garages. Even companies founded in a similar way within the last five years have found similar success. Students in their early twenties invented Snapchat after sleepless nights in their bedrooms. Snapchat is now worth around $20 billion.

So how do you get a technical company hitting the ground running?

The idea

The process of designing, launching and running a new business is called entrepreneurship. You’ll probably be familiar with the word entrepreneur and its implications. It implies someone with a unique vision and unwavering drive. And how did all these bedroom brainiacs come up with these ideas? They identified a common problem and fixed it.


And remember that unwavering drive. Evan Spiegel first floated around the idea of Snapchat in April 2011, while at college. He suggested it in front of the product design class for his final project. His classmates balked; why would anyone be interested in impermanent photos? They know better, now.

The programmer

So, you have an amazing idea for computer software or a mobile app. Do you know how to make it? Do you know any code? If you do, awesome. You can get straight into programming the thing, making it as close as possible to the idea in your head. If you don’t? You need to get your hands on the best coder you can. Preferably, you’ll have someone who shares your passion and your vision.


Programmers, even junior ones, can quite easily find jobs at established tech companies. If you’re going to take up their time, you may be costing them other opportunities. You may need a way to compensate them. If you already run a small business with income coming in, paying them through that makes sense. But if your idea is your planned business, you’ll have to come up with another way to compensate them for their time and effort. It takes hours, weeks, months of programming to create an intuitive product.

The technology

Let’s say you now have a few people working on the same project and in the same property. This essentially means you have a small business, as long as you’re making some income. Whatever the circumstances, you need to make sure your own tech runs smoothly.

Programmers should be well-versed in computer science. They should know if your setup is weak. Have you progressed enough to call yourself a small business? Getting IT professionals to help keep things smooth will be a prudent move. Companies like YJT Solutions are tailored towards small businesses, which is the kind of company you’re looking for.

The business brainiac

You can’t just have the ideas guy and the coder. Every tech startup or small business has the person with the business know-how. The fact is that it takes a lot of time to get out there and generate interest. You need that time to think, to innovate, to code and build. The business brainiac can manage money, taxes and business registrations. They’ll also know how to pitch to investors.

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