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Business is about numbers right? It is about making a profit. It is about investment. It is about money. But it would be a rather dull world if that was all! Business may use money, but it is primarily about people. It is about people like you who have put their heart and soul into providing a product or service so that people can lead a better life. So that they can have more value from the things they buy and do.

Perhaps your business is about saving people time for the most important things like family. Money is nothing but an exchange unit of value. Business is about your customers. And getting to know your customers is the single most important thing that you can do to make your business a success.

Where do your customers hang out?

This might seem like a funny question, but the truth is, it is very important. If you don’t know where they hang out, then how on earth are you going to find them? It might not be enough to hope that they drop by your shop or find you by accident online. The fact is you are going to have to go out there and track them down.

Locating your potential customers means that you can start to promote a business as something that is relevant and interesting. For example students or young singles will not be in the same locations as busy Moms with school age children. This group will be unlikely to tread the same spaces as young alpha males, and they will, in turn, be unlikely to operate around active retirees.

Although this may seem a geographic question, increasingly it refers to the virtual world. Do your market research and find these places. Make your presence felt there and ultimately you can start to create the sort of place your customers will want to spend time in.

What are their habits and lifestyles?

At the risk of making your very real customers sound like a species, it can be revealing to list and even try to understand their profiles. This will give you clues as to how you can fine tune your website to attract more business. It means that you can provide content that is relevant.

If you study a range of websites and related blogs, you will start to notice how they focus on certain areas. That might be ‘careers’, for example, or it could be DIY, flower arranging or investment. You’ll notice that the imagery used is suited to these themes. There will be articles of interest. These will all be connected to the central theme appealing to potential customers.The same applies to the SEO techniques used. These might not always be obvious. A specialist company like Minyona, for example, will help and guide a business through this complex area. Getting this right means that you will attract more traffic and interest.

It’s all about relationships

Taking your business to customers is all about starting to get to know them. Building a website that will appeal to them is an extension of that process. If business is about people, then it is also about relationships. Making a successful purchase is not the end, it is just the beginning. Growing your business from here means, building on this relationship for a mutual and prosperous future.

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