Fun Times With My Family

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, so when I’m home and off on the weekends I do my best to spend time with my family. Here are a few things we’ve done over the past few weeks.

We got to go to Ridgecrest to visit some family. Unfortunately, the visit was prompted by some bad news, but we made the best of the time we had up there!

Chaz and Andres
Chaz and Andres (our nephew) – Andres is an amazing cuddler!!
Chaz and Gulliana
Chaz and the beautiful Gulliana (our niece)
Gulliana 2
Beautiful Gulliana
David taking over
David wrapping Michael and Chaz up…David towers over the both of them!
Michael David Chaz
3 Handsome men! Michael (my son), David (my brother), and Chaz (my handsome hubby)
Tammy (17 yrs old…almost 18!)
Cathy (16 yrs old)
Kiara (15 yrs old)
Michael (15 yrs old)
Adrianna (Addie) (11 yrs old)
Manuel (our nephew)
Andres (our nephew)
Gulliana (our niece)
Our beautiful girls!
Chaz and Me
Chaz and Me
Chaz and Danni
Chaz and Danni (brother and sister)
Family Dinner
Family dinner…all 13 of us! We were missing two nephews and one niece…

On another weekend shortly thereafter, we had a bonfire and smores in our backyard. It was so nice to just sit back and relax and enjoy my family!

Bonfire 1
Addie’s marshmallow is on fire! Yummy!
Bonfire 2
It was chilly outside, but our bonfire kept us nice and warm!
Michael and Orion
Michael and Orion were cuddling! We have cuddly animals!

A couple of weekends later the kids (minus Cathy because she wanted to look for a job instead – good for her!) and I went for a hike in Hemet, CA behind the Ramona Bowl Amphitheater. The view was breathtaking!

Hike - kids
(L to R) Kiara, Michael, Tammy, and Addie
Michael Hike 1
Michael taking in the view
Michael Hike 2
Michael being a daredevil…how is he afraid of heights, but can get on that rock??

This last weekend we went up to Idyllwild to go out to lunch and then on a hike and we were pleasantly surprised with snow!!

Idyllwild 4
My beautiful family, including our nephew on the end 🙂
Idyllwild 5
Kiara (L) and Tammy (R) throwing snowballs
Idyllwild 6
I’m not sure what Cathy was doing…possibly getting out of the way of incoming snowballs.
Idyllwild 7
It looks like Tammy hit someone…
Idyllwild 8
Michael getting ready to chuck a snowball back at Tammy and Kiara!
Idyllwild 10
Cathy…just staying out of the way and finding a good walking stick.
Idyllwild 11
My beautiful Addie posing for me 🙂
Idyllwild 3
My handsome Chaz…I had to lighten the picture so he can be seen…I think I was in the sun and he was in the shade, which made it too dark to see.

Idyllwild 12

Idyllwild 13

Idyllwild 14
And last, but certainly not least, a family picture at a cute Mexican place in Idyllwild for lunch!

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