Business Trips – MA, CA, And FL

Since joining the iRobot team, I’ve had the great opportunity to travel quite a bit. Here are a few pictures from some of my travels thus far. I will work harder to get better pictures throughout my travels over the next few months as I get to do quite a bit of travel!

My trip in the beginning of January was to Boston, MA, where we were met with some snow. This was the first time I got to actually drive in the snow. Definitely interesting, but extremely beautiful!

These were taken at my hotel in Boston:

Boston 1

Boston 3

Boston 4

Boston 5

These were taken on the flight out of MA. Absolutely GORGEOUS!Boston 6

Boston 7

Next, I went to San Francisco, CA. Here are a few of the highlights. It really is pretty, but the drivers are CRAZY!!

San Francisco 1

San Francisco 2

San Francisco 3

San Francisco 4

My next trip was to Seattle, WA…which was gorgeous!! The city was beautiful, the hotel was amazing, and the view from my hotel room was to die for!! I have fallen in love with Washington!

Seattle 1

Seattle 2

Seattle 3

Seattle 4

Then, I went to Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any actual pictures of FL from the ground, but I did get some great shots from the plan as we were landing.

FL 1

FL 2

FL 3

However, I did get a picture of the coffee pod in my room in Orlando…Guy Fieri coffee. My husbands co-workers think he looks like Guy Fieri, so I thought this was hilarious!

FL 4

I love taking pictures from the plane at night because I really think that they come out better and are just beautiful! Here are a few of the pictures I captured on my way back into the Ontario, CA airport.

Ontarion CA 1

Ontarion CA 2

Ontarion CA 3

More from my travels to come…I’ll be in Atlanga GA, Phoenix AZ, Fresno CA, Houston TX, and Dallas TX coming up in the next few weeks.

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