4 Ways To Win A Lasting Clientele

I know you’re a talented, credentialed professional with a great product. You know you’re a talented, credentialed professional, with a great product. But your customers don’t. And that’s the problem. It’s not about convincing me, or about convincing you, it’s about convincing them that you’re the real deal.

They want to know that their money is safe with you and that you’ll deliver. That’s why your presentation is so important. Because business is essentially just people, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to make sure that you gain the confidence of others.


Don’t Be Fake

Engaging with a person as if they’re real makes a huge difference to their experience. Have you ever felt like the person calling you from the telemarketing company is talking straight past you? Well, the are. They’re going off a script, and boy, can you tell.

Here’s the deal; make sure you’re really listening to the other person. That means picking up on all the little details and cues they’re feeding you. Perhaps they’re in a rush because they’ve got to pick the kids up from school. Or perhaps they’re stressed because of an upcoming job interview.

Integrating their life into your business transaction generates a mutual feeling of trust. It gives them the sense that you really know them and understand them. That feeds into the product you’re selling and makes your work personable and fun.

Add In The Professional Touch

If you’re around all the small marketing details your company has already instituted, you can become a bit brand-blind. What I mean by that is that you spend so much of your time dealing with your own company documents and image, it can be hard to see it from the other side.

Little details, like getting spot UV business cards with a glossy finish on your business name can make a big difference. Experiment with different designs for your branding. Or hire  professional to modernize the appearance of your logo. It can all make a big difference to the impression and excitement you generate in potential customers.

Focus On Your Strengths

And, allow weaknesses. If you’re running a local gym, it’s not your job to provide fine dining for your clientele. Your job is to make sure that your gym serves its primary function. Too many businesses try to be all things to all people. This is why the small talk is so important. You’re excellent at what you do, but you’re also a regular person in every other respect. This creates an affinity with your customers. You’re not just a business, you’re a person just like them.

Keep Asking Questions

Your client’s preferences will probably change over time. This feeds into what they want. Often a client won’t know exactly what product they want until they’ve tried several. This is where actively asking questions can help. At every juncture, make sure that your clients are satisfied with the service, and keep probing to find out what their true needs are. Discovering their needs on an ongoing basis will draw them closer to your company. They’ll also be a lot happier.

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