How I Keep My Family Safe During A Storm

We all know how storms can cut power lines and cause havoc in our local communities. As a working mother, I’m always concerned about my children’s safety when that happens. So, a couple of years ago I decided to think ahead and protect my home. Of course, the methods I used might not seem suitable for every family. That’s why you still need to use some common sense when taking advice from this article. At the end of the day, it’s easy to improve your situation if you apply some forethought.

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Purchasing a backup generator

Residential backup generators are a godsend when the power goes down. We decided to buy a diesel model that seems to work well. It’s helped to put our children’s minds at ease and improved our situation. The experts at Able Sales say those products are more efficient than their petrol counterparts. We’ve only had to use the device a couple of times, but it made a huge difference. Indeed, ours was the only house on the street with electricity the last time we had a major storm. All our neighbors came around to ask how we managed to keep the light on, and most of them decided to buy generators after speaking to my partner.


Keeping candles at the bedside

The chances are that power outages will occur while you’re in bed. In some countries, they call that sod’s law. So, there’s always a need for candles at the bedside to stop any accidents. Like it or not, you have to get out of bed to switch the generator on and restore power. As most homes in my area have basements, that could mean traveling down two flights of stairs. The last thing you want is for someone to fall over and break their ankle during the process. That is why we always keep a stock of candles in every room. Just remember to keep a lighter handy too. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to make good use of this advice.

Storing food in the basement

It’s possible that a winter storm might occur and block the roads outside your home. That’s happened once since we moved into our current property. Unfortunately, we didn’t see it coming, and so we had to ask our neighbors to loan food and essentials. While it’s unlikely you’ll become trapped in your home for more than a couple of days; precautions are necessary. We now keep a massive stock of long-lasting food in our basement for those reasons. Tinned goods are always preferable because they have a late used-by date. However, nothing is stopping you from buying a freezer and keeping meat and other items. Just make sure you switch the generator on before they defrost.

I hope that learning about my techniques will make your lives easier in the future. All parents worry about the well being of their children, and so you just need to think ahead. Thankfully, storms don’t happen very often, and so there’s no reason to panic. Just prepare for the worst while the weather is good, and you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Thanks for reading guys. I’ll catch you next time!

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