What Makes An Employee Happy?

Anyone who runs or manages their own business knows that the key to success is the people within the company. You may have some creative minds and some accountancy wizards who are driving your company. But how do you keep them inspired? What motivates people to come into work every day and do a good job? And how can you continue to encourage productivity over the long term?

Most employees are indeed motivated by money. They simply cannot afford to lose their job. But this doesn’t mean they won’t look to earn their money with another company. Retaining your employee requires continual financial motivation. They need to be assured of their value. Sadly, we are inclined to put a monetary sum to that value. Annual pay rises and bonuses can go a long way to keeping a valued employee.

Of course, it’s not all about the money. When you recruit someone, you are asking them to spend more of their waking hours in your business than with their own family. You need to assure them you understand the sacrifice they are making. Let them know that sometimes it’s OK for family to be their priority. Offering work from home opportunities doesn’t need to impact negatively on your business. But it gives your colleagues the freedom to balance work and life effectively.

Taking care of your employees is crucial to their happiness and well-being. Many companies are investing in HR management software to help employees stay in touch about personnel issues. Annual leave, sick pay and internal communications can all be managed instantly on those systems. It offers the employee an ear and an instant response. It helps them feel that their requests are important to the business. Employees need to feel they are being heard.


Lots of companies are looking at their internal culture to attract and motivate employees. Mentorship helps newcomers feel welcome and cared for from day one. Friendship and social activities between colleagues should be encouraged. After all, we all have to spend a lot of time with each other. Personal disagreements can cause a downturn in productivity. Managing relationships can sometimes be beneficial. Your employees are all professionals, but internal spats can have big repercussions.

Keeping your employees happy should be a priority in your daily tasking. However, we can’t all be happy all the time. Instead, look to keeping the mood positive. Empower your staff to make positive decisions and nurture positive outcomes. Productivity should yield visible results. Find ways to visualize results that have been directly driven by your staff. Charts and graphs or video footage can be powerful tools for this task.

Guessing rarely does anyone any favors. If you don’t listen to your staff, you can’t possible estimate what their needs are accurately. Regular appraisals, conversations, and surveys help you stay on top of issues. Needs change. And if your business is regularly changing, then your staff may need help to adapt quickly and smoothly. Sometimes you need to ask. Any manager who takes the time to find out is a manager that is popular with his staff.

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