Put Your Business On The Map: Local Marketing Made Easy


Small, local businesses are the heart of our economy. The local shopping boutiques, independent bakers, and small coffee shops. These are the businesses that bring diversity and excitement to our cookie-cutter high-streets. In a world of giant conglomerates and corporate giants, we’ll still choose an independent store every time! Unfortunately, it’s not plain sailing for these smaller companies. And anyone who runs a small local business knows this all too well! So today, we’re sharing some of the best tips for local business marketing.

Start online

It might seem strange to start your marketing online when your customers are all local. But remember, the online and offline experience is now more integrated than ever. Your potential customers are using their smartphones to find local services. They’re searching for the nearest coffee shop, the best plumber in town or the nearest restaurant. Your business needs to show up when they’re searching. Dive into the world of local SEO and learn how to get your business on the first page of Google results.

Promotional material

Posters, flyers, and handouts still work incredibly well when it comes to local business opportunities. They might seem old-fashioned compared to modern marketing techniques, but they still work wonders. The team at GH CityPrint tell us that local leaflets and brochures are highly effective when used correctly. The trick is distributing them in the right places. If you’re starting a personal trainer business, leave posters and brochures in the local gym, for example.


Everyone loves a good event, and if you can provide free food and drink, even better! An event will really draw attention to your business. It’s also the best way to get local journalists to write about you and your new company. Use your imagination here, and get creative. Perhaps you’ve opened a boutique fashion store, for example. You can then host a small catwalk event or fashion show. Maybe you could run a small gig or a launch event in a local bar. Anything that brings people together and gets customers talking will work a treat!

Partnerships and sponsors

As a small business, you can sponsor other local events or companies. This form of partnership is a great way to generate new business and get your name out there. Perhaps you could sponsor your local sports team. Maybe there’s a festival or cultural event in the area that you could add your name to. This will really help expand your business. Partner with another local business to promote your company. It’s all about brand recognition, and building a presence.


The growth of small local businesses relies heavily on word of mouth. That’s why reviews are particularly important. Start by inviting local journalists to review your restaurant, coffee shop or store. Positive reviews in the local press will start to drive new customers towards you. From there, ask customers to leave positive reviews online for others to see.

It takes time to build a presence in the local community. But, follow these steps, and you’ll make a quick leap forward.

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  1. I like this article. This is very good explanation for locating our address on the map. Can you elaborate more on ” Start online ” this point? I have some doubt on this how we can move our business online. Because I am a simple doctor.

    1. Hi Dabur, I’d say that starting online for marketing is going to be and look different for everyone. As a doctor, I would imagine some online marketing around your specialty would be helpful. Possibly via social media channels to promote your business, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

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