Business Owner’s Guide To Perfect Staff

While the frets and worries of an entrepreneur are that of many, perhaps the most difficult part lies in the fact that finding quality personnel is often more than complicated. Even if you’re a well-seasoned business owner, it is extremely doubtful that you benefit from mind reading capabilities. A perfectly prepared CV doesn’t necessarily entail a perfect employee who stands behind it. In fact, even if you go through all of the following advice, there is no guarantee that you won’t stumble upon an inefficient subordinate. This is not to say, however, that you shouldn’t stick by the advice given, on the contrary – this is the best way to make sure you’ve done everything in your power to find a proper employee – the rest is, unfortunately, left to a game of chance.


  • Analyze the CV in detail – The first part of your potential future employee that you will encounter is the greatly dreaded Curriculum Vitae. You need to come prepared for this, because over-exaggeration is more than expected here. Unfortunately, there is no way to get better at filtering the important parts of a CV, except by means of practice. Go through piles of these and, most likely, a pattern will start to appear. This way, you’ll know how to set aside the impostors from the hard-working, ambitious employees.
  • Be clear in terms what you offer – When putting up a job position out there, a lot of entrepreneurs make a mistake of not being entirely clear in terms of what they have in offer. While this can lead to more job applications, once you’re done recruiting, you might experience a decrease in efficiency, owing to the fact that your business is not exactly what an employee signed up for. Moreover, by clearly outlining your requests, you get a chance to filter through the potential employees, even before the business negotiations have started.
  • Be clear in terms of what you require – Perhaps just as important as the previous note, this point is greatly advised by a great number of seasoned business owners. If you thoroughly and carefully outline what it is that you require from your subordinates, the desirable potential employees will line up one after another, providing you with yet another natural filter, you won’t have to worry about. Additionally, in this way, you make sure that you won’t go through complaints (sometimes even potential lawsuits), seeing as how you’ve carefully outlined what you want your employees to deliver in the future.

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  • Think outsourcing – On the previous note, sometimes (especially in the very beginning), you won’t have enough finance to afford a large number of employees. This, however, in no way means that you should choose to hire unreliable workers. Instead, think about outsourcing. This option, in combination with hiring more expensive, yet more reliable employees, will help you overcome initial monetary troubles that every company has to go through.
  • Recruit only the best – If you’re ever exposed to the dilemma of whether to hire a cheaper, but by-far more uncertain employee, or a more expensive, safe-bet type of a future subordinate, look to always opt for the latter. Even if this means cutting down on your income, having a proper, quality employee always beats uncertainty and potential complications. There are many companies out there, such as RSP Recruitment agency, which offer useful services when it comes to this part of building a quality business.

Even if you follow the mentioned advice thoroughly, there is no guarantee that you won’t come across a couple of rotten apples in your staff. However, you should make yourself aware of the fact that there is no guarantee out there that you will find perfect employees, and following the outlined advice is the best way to make sure you’ve done everything that is in your power to overcome potential employee trouble.

Guest Blog Post By: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in business and marketing news. In her free time she enjoys reading about advertising and latest business technology.


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