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Being a hands on Mom is one of life’s most rewarding roles. Sadly for those of us with bills to meet, being a Mom doesn’t always pay that well. Most of us try to juggle the parent role with work commitments. Every now and again we sit down and think how wonderful it would be to combine career and family and work from home. Sadly this is where we often get stuck. But today, more than ever you can easily work from home and balance life with a family and a business. Taking a good look at your skills can give you a real clue about direction.

Start at home.

An ideal home career would be one with minimum customer interaction, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Start with your major asset, being at home and branch out from there. If you are a great host, have you thought about letting a room in your house out? Consider a student, or if you have hosting ambitions, why not think about marketing your home as a B & B? This can be an attractive option if you have a spare room or two and you love to cater. Eviivo can help you with marketing your business. Running a B and B could be a rewarding option, and for most of the day, your customers are away.

Food for thought

That catering spark might just give you another idea. Outside catering is a great creative option for the stay at home Mom, or Dad come to that. Maybe you bake or are gifted at creating delicious finger foods. Weddings and business events or even parties are areas you could explore. I have a friend who turned her baking skills into a fabulous wedding cake business. This is a great option as you can work a schedule out to suit you, and once the food is made, your job is done. You’ll need to be very well organized and have good presentation skills.


Consider your Skills

If food isn’t your forte then, how about creating something else? Crafty items such as potpourri and candles are great options. You can always get the kids to help you! Setting up a market stall business, even for one day over the weekend could be a fabulous money-making option. From cards and picture frames to quilts and bed coverings. Let your imagination run wild. If you have green fingers, how about growing carnations, or herbs?

Play the childcare card!

You’ll already know if you are the kind of parent who has room to spare, mentally and physically. Setting up a childcare service can be an automatic, easy option for some Moms.

It could be that considering these options means you are missing one important angle. What is your professional training? It may be that you are a skilled typist or worked as a legal secretary or accountant. These days it’s relatively easy to set yourself up offering typing skills for thesis for example. Every home business needs a good accountant. The great things about these freelance roles is that you can slowly build up a list of clients and do as much or as little as you like.

You never know, with just a little thought and planning you be laying the foundations for a great career. The best part is you won’t be missing out on these precious years as a parent.

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