What Your Business Can Learn From The Healthcare Industry

As a small business owner, you might take inspiration from many different business leaders or industries. However, if you were to have a good look at some of the ways that the healthcare industry goes about its business, you would pick up some excellent advice.

In today’s post, I’m going to talk you through five different things that healthcare does well – or wrong. And, I’ll show you how you can embrace a similar outlook for your business. Do it well, and you might reap some great rewards.


Customer service

There are no higher customer expectations than the ones you have to deal with in the healthcare industry. It’s life or death, quite literally. And, while no doctor can ever promise life for anyone, they can help people deal with death. It’s everything in between that counts. The healthcare industry is renowned for conducting studies on how their patients feel they are being treated. They will study the way their front-line staff deal with customers; they will pour over the statistics of their waiting times. These are all core competencies in customer service that your business should embrace, too.

Better marketing

Marketing can’t afford to be crude and tasteless in the healthcare industry, whatever products or services they sell. There is a fine line to tread and something you would do well to take note of for your business. Make sure you understand your customer’s hopes, fears, and embarrassments. But, don’t take advantage of them – be tactful, discreet, and offer solutions. It’s what has worked in healthcare for many years, and there’s no reason it can’t work for other industries, too.

Robust security

Patient data is worth a fortune in the wrong hands, but it would be nothing short of catastrophic for a healthcare organization. That’s why hospitals, surgeries, and medical practices have to take so much care when it comes to data. Industry specialists Cloudticity state that at a bare minimum, organizations should be HIPAA compliant. In essence, these are the standards set by industry watchdogs. Is your business up to scratch for your industry? If not, it’s going to cause you reputation problems down the line.

Embrace new tech

Without new technology, there would be little progress in medicine. The healthcare industry is at the cutting edge of technology – and your business should be too, whatever industry you serve. And, where they thrive most is making sure that technology works for their patients. They test it many times, use it on patients many times, and refine how it works until it is perfect. Can you say the same for your products or services?


One area where health care might struggle a little is with communication with patients. It’s no surprise. If you are a doctor who has spent their life in education and healthcare, you might think everyone understands what you say. But, they don’t. The language of medicine is almost as impenetrable as legal jargon for many. So, think carefully about that the next time you do the copy for your website.Will the greatest amount of people be able to understand you? If not, make things much easier for them.

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