Moving Your Business Out Of Your Home? Here Are My Recommendations

When it comes to starting a business, many people do so by running it from home. Like me, they dedicate an area of their abode as their office space. This re-purposed part of your home becomes the nerve center of your business operations.

Of course, there will come a time where your business needs to fly the nest and move into an office space of its own. For instance, you may want to hire people to work with you. Or you just want to keep your work, and personal lives separate.

If you’ve reached that stage, one thing’s for certain. Your business is growing! Here are a few of my own tried and tested tips for moving your business to an office:


Searching for the perfect office

The first and most obvious thing you need to do is locate an office that is suitable for your needs. Let’s face it; your business might be growing, but it can’t afford to be extravagant! That’s why you need to look for an office that is within your budget and offers practical space.

There are many commercial realtors online, but you can also look in local newspapers. Once you’ve shortlisted a few suitable offices, make appointments to go and view them. The process is like finding a new home; there are some checks you need to make:

  • Is the area safe?
  • Is there plenty of parking available, especially off the street?
  • What are the neighbors like?
  • Is the office in a good structural condition (i.e. no leaky roofs)?

Only once you’ve viewed a few offices can you make a decision on the right one for you.


Getting it cleaned and decorated

Unless the office is brand new, it’s likely you will need to give it some attention before you move into it. For a start, you will need to get your overalls on and do some painting!

If the carpets are a mess, hire a firm that specializes in commercial cleaning services. Don’t waste time and energy trying to get rid of ground-in stains. Especially if they are several years old! You will no doubt have clients visiting you at your offices. Making the right first impressions is important.

Check if your lease allows you to replace the carpet. Sometimes it might be a better idea to go for something new and fresh.


You might think that you could just take some furniture from home. But, it makes better sense to get some new office furniture.

Why? The items you have at home may not match the style of your office space. Plus there’s the extra expense and effort of getting bulky items moved.

Before you buy anything, take into account any future expansion plans. Consider getting modular desks if you wish to create an open-plan office.


Moving your stuff

Last, but not least, try to take as little as possible to your new office. You’ll need your IT equipment and paperwork. But, anything else like furniture you can get new for your office. That way, you can save on moving costs and backache!

Good luck!

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