Improve Your Office Management Skills And Enhance Workflow

Strong administrative skills come handy for managers who want for their subordinates to become more productive and increase the number of successfully finished tasks in their sector. Nobody is born with as good office manager, and we all need to improve and upgrade our professional skills from time to time. This way we will become better managers, more valuable for our companies and more respected among our subordinates. If you think that from the moment you received manager’s title, you won’t bother with administrative work anymore; think again, because only person with good administrative skills can sit in office manager’s chair. In this article we are going to present you some of the most important office skills, that every manager needs to master.

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Communication Skills

Most of us mention that we have good or even great communication skills in our resume, but are we really that competent. Although effective communication is one of the essentials for being a great manager, it is very unusual for people to invest time and money in improving their skills in this area. When we talk to our subordinates and colleagues we need to:

  • Learn the basics of body language;
  • Get rid of ugly conversation fillers;
  • Always be polite, even when we are giving orders;
  • Learn how to give strong orders to subordinates;
  • Learn how to tell a good story;
  • Prepare a conversation script or speech if necessary, etc.

Business Writing Skills

Every manager needs to be good at business writing, since everybody expects from them to read and write tens or even hundreds of business documents during one work day. While writing orders, applications, claims or requests you need to watch out for these five points:

  • Always have in mind the objectives of the document you are writing;
  • Write only what is relevant for the people who will read the document and find the right writing tone for your audience;
  • For very important documents, always write draft version first, and edit it later;
  • Be clear, straight to the point, don’t waste words or use the ones you don’t fully understand;
  • Don’t use business speak too much

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Office Administration

Although office administration is a work that is usual done by various office assistants and trainees, managers need to be involved in administrative process in the sectors they lead, because only that way they will be able to have everything under control. Professionals who reached manager position by promotion from different positions in administrative sector can easily find their way through office bureaucracy labyrinth. Those who came to work directly from college dorms can have a lot of problems in following administrative procedures and for them it is necessary to learn all the procedures and processes that are being implemented in their sector. The simplest way to learn all that is buy asking workers for help. Of course this needs to be followed by extensive reading of laws and regulations as well as company guidelines and tutorials.

Computer Skills

Last, but not least, computer skills are highly important especially in digital age. We are not only talking about finding your way in MS Office and answering e mails, but also about following new trends in information technology, solving both software and hardware problems and knowing a thing or two about databases, clouds, mobile apps and many other latest technology miracles that help us to be more productive. There are several ways to improve computer skills and probably the best one is applying to different kinds of computer courses. These can be held on- and offline and you can also choose between extensive courses that last one or two days, and longer ones. Extensive two day courses proved to be very effective for business people of most profiles. You should consider TP3 or some other consulting organization that provides excellent teaching staff and the latest tech.

With improving these four essential skills, you will become a better manager, and receive lots of respect from your superiors as well as from people working under you. Every successful manager’s career includes lots of learning and constant upgrades of professional skills, and that’s why you should start improving yourself immediately.

Guest Blogger: John J. Stone is a business consultant and editor at Bizzmarkblog. He is a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.

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